RELEASE: ROCKWOOL Peninsular renews the Reconcilia Seal for its reconciliation measures and social benefits

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: ROCKWOOL Peninsular renews the Reconcilia Seal for its reconciliation measures and social benefits

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 20

Among the measures implemented in these two years, the company's Equality Plan, the launch of an internal communication tool, and an internal survey to find out the satisfaction and well-being of the entire workforce stand out. The main results of the survey highlight that more than 80% of the ROCKWOOL Peninsular workforce is satisfied with the measures implemented

ROCKWOOL, a leading stone wool manufacturing company, has received the renewal of the Reconcilia 2022 Seal for its performance and active work for work and family reconciliation within its workforce. This Seal, created by the Association of Business Women and Managers of Navarra (AMEDNA), aims to implement conciliation policies and social benefits in the Navarre business fabric in such a way that the competitiveness of companies in the Community is improved. Foral. In this new edition, this recognition has been granted for the first time to 10 companies and it has been renewed to another 9 that continue to work to offer measures that allow their employees a good work and personal balance. ROCKWOOL Peninsular is in this second group, since the company received the Seal for the first time in 2020. Now, after two years working to improve the well-being of employees, they have renewed the Seal thanks to various initiatives launched between the years 2021 and 2022. Equality plan, internal communication tool and satisfaction survey AMEDNA has evaluated a group of companies, including ROCKWOOL Peninsular, to learn about the measures implemented and the impact they have had on employees. Among the measures implemented by ROCKWOOL, the agreement with the works council of the company's Equality Plan stands out, the implementation of an internal communication tool to reach all the staff and especially the direct workforce , and the completion, in May 2022, of an internal survey of the entire workforce to measure the degree of satisfaction with the measures, obtaining very positive results, where more than 80% of the employees state that they feel satisfied with the measures implemented Until now. Among them, the ones that the workforce has valued the most are: the flexibility of check-in and check-out times; the dining room allowance and restaurant ticket; autonomy in the time of rest, vacations and lunch; the physiotherapist service or the continuous shift on Fridays, among others. Reconcilia Seal 2022 During the time that AMEDNA has been evaluating Navarran companies to obtain or renew the Reconcilia Seal, the selected companies have participated in a training and mentoring process, during which an internal diagnosis has been carried out and from which work will be carried out on the implementation of their respective plans in the coming months. In total, they have visited and advised 283 companies in Navarra on conciliation matters, achieving a process of advice, tutelage and implementation of conciliation plans in 140 companies. All of them add up to a total of 14,000 employees who have benefited from the work-life balance and social welfare plans. About ROCKWOOL ROCKWOOL Peninsular, S.A.U. is part of the ROCKWOOL Group. With a factory and around 250 employees, it is the regional organization that offers advanced insulation systems for buildings. ROCKWOOL Group is committed to enriching the lives of all those who experiment with its solutions. Their experience is essential to face today's greatest challenges in terms of sustainability and development, from energy consumption and noise pollution to resilience to fire, water scarcity and floods. The range of products reflects the diversity of the world's needs, while at the same time enabling its stakeholders to reduce their carbon footprint. Stone wool is a versatile material that forms the foundation of all their businesses. With more than 12,400 colleagues and co-workers in 40 different countries, it is the world leader in stone wool solutions for both building insulation and acoustic ceilings, exterior cladding systems and horticultural solutions, engineered fibers designed for industrial uses. and insulation for industrial processes, maritime and off-shore platforms. To learn more:

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