RELEASE: Rodrigo Gálvez Hernández and the relations between China and Nicaragua betting on renewable energies

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RELEASE: Rodrigo Gálvez Hernández and the relations between China and Nicaragua betting on renewable energies

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Mexico, January 31, 2023.

In December 2021, the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nicaragua was carried out. This has favored the realization of various trade agreements between the two nations, aimed at the development of renewable energy. Rodrigo Gálvez Hernández, as a current resident foreign citizen of Taiwan, contributes substantially to these relations, connecting China and Latin America to promote the development of the region in new ways of generating energy.

Investment agreements between China and Nicaragua, by Rodrigo Gálvez Hernández As explained by Rodrigo Gálvez Hernández, who has worked incessantly to introduce companies and businesses capable of benefiting the Latin American population by promoting agreements with China and Taiwan, he explains that Nicaragua signed two investment agreements with Chinese companies for development on issues ranging from renewable energy to infrastructure and health. In this context, it maintains that at least four Nicaraguan state institutions have signed memorandums of understanding with Chinese companies such as: China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. , China Communications Construction Company, Power Construction Corporation of China and China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. The main objective of these commitments, says Rodrigo Galvez Hernandez, "has been to develop renewable energy projects, hospital, road, railway infrastructure and port and also projects of water and sanitation". But, in addition, in January 2022, the two countries agreed to establish "political consultation" mechanisms, as well as a mutual support macro agreement and trade cooperation agreements. The agreement to exempt holders of diplomatic passports between the two countries from visas has also been highlighted. Chinese investment in energy projects in Nicaragua According to what was explained by Rodrigo Gálvez Hernández, one of the interesting projects that has been allowed through the establishment of relations between the two nations had to do with a Chinese investment of more than 500 million dollars in Nicaragua, in the electricity sector. The objective of this investment is to improve the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy throughout the country. Another interesting project to highlight was the investment of 357 million dollars in the Mojolka hydroelectric project on the Tuma river and a solar project in El Hato. This, hand in hand with new power transmission lines. Also, the company Communications Construction Company Limited decided to allocate 40 million dollars for the current distribution commercial management system, as well as 8 million for the construction and modernization of the National Load Dispatch Center. Towards electric mobility Together with the Previous projects and investments, Rodrigo Gálvez Hernández explains that the Communications Construction Company Limited company also decided to support Nicaragua in the electric mobility program. This, through the introduction of vehicles that use electrical energy. But, in addition, in order to favor this development, it seeks to deploy charging infrastructure and create better local capacities both for the correct operation and maintenance of these new technologies These decisions are taken within the framework of the reestablishment of relations between Nicaragua and China. These new relationships create the optimal environment for the development of new energy and other projects that are intended to benefit the Nicaraguan population. In this context, Rodrigo Gálvez Hernández has been working for many years to introduce different types of businesses and companies that can generate improvements in the quality of life of people in Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. For this reason, working as an intermediary and collaborator, he is committed to building new relationships and projects between these territories.

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