RELEASE: Members Worldwide Net Worth Has Reached €3.5 Trillion

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Members Worldwide Net Worth Has Reached €3.5 Trillion

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 20

The results in the last 12 months of the largest luxury dating website in the world illustrate the staggering growth in the wealth status of members, since in 2022 there were 16 million matches, with more than 44 million members globally, is the world's largest luxury dating site. In 2022, its members opted for "Dating Up", which has gone from being a fad to a lifestyle that allows them to have better dates with people they admire, find attractive and succeed.Millionaires Club In 2022, Seeking .com saw the collective net worth of its members reach a staggering €3.5 trillion. Some 25,000 members from all over the world have more than 100 million euros, just under 72,000 members have more than 10 million euros and more than 795,000 are millionaires. Out of 44 million total members, the chances of meeting a millionaire or billionaire have never been better. Creating Connections Users rushed to find love and connection with “Dating Up”. With 16 million matches, this year has been the year of whirlwind romances around the world. There were yacht trips and helicopter rides, and users wasted no time in getting in touch with whoever caught their eye. Every day they have sent an average of 1.8 million messages, and it only took women 5 minutes to receive the first one. It seems that the girls were a little more eager to meet their partners, because the men only waited 2 minutes on the site before receiving their first message. The speed of the matches shows that the users knew exactly what they were looking for. The most searched tags in 2022 were "Luxury Lifestyle" (those seeking the best in love and life), "Emotional Connection", "Spontaneous Travel", "Fine Dining" and "Vacation". Good Vibes Only To share quotes, experiences and lavish lifestyles with the community, its members used its new feature, Vibes. By allowing users to showcase their personality and luxurious lifestyle through snapshots of their everyday lives, users posted an average of 56,000 Vibes per month. Identity Verification As its member base grew in size, wealth, and matches, also introduced new safeguards this year to ensure the safety of its online dating community. The number of verified profiles rose to more than 1.4 million, thanks to free verification of users' identities to protect them against fraud and catfishing. continues to be the site of choice for those looking for an experience of more luxurious dating.About With more than 44 million users worldwide, creates a community where singles can find relationships their way, fostering frank and honest communication to enjoy a superior dating experience.

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