RELEASE: Segmed raises a round of financing of 5.2 million US dollars

- YC and Alchemist-backed Segmed raises US$5.

RELEASE: Segmed raises a round of financing of 5.2 million US dollars

- YC and Alchemist-backed Segmed raises US$5.2 million round of funding and launches real-world medical imaging platform

PALO ALTO, California, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Segmed, a cloud-based real-world imaging platform that accelerates healthcare innovation by simplifying access to medical data, announced the closure of a $5.2 million seed funding round led by Nina Capital, with participation from iGan Partners, M3 Inc, Mighty Capital, Expeditions Fund and Alchemist Accelerator, bringing total funds raised to more than $10 million Dollars. The company also reported the launch of Segmed Insight.

Segmed Insight was created with the goal of putting high-quality, real-world medical imaging datasets in the hands of clinicians, researchers, and developers; particularly those looking to train or validate their AI algorithms.

Medical researchers and AI developers using Segmed Insight can perform a search, view studies and reports that match their search criteria, and build datasets specific to their parameters. After placing an order, users receive the data in a matter of days, a process that took years before Segmed.

Forging partnerships with health systems, hospitals, and imaging clinics in 1,000 locations on five continents, Segmed has done the heavy lifting when it comes to aggregating diverse medical data.

Patient privacy and data management remain paramount at Segmed. The company maintains strict HIPAA/GDPR compliance, earned its SOC2 certification this year, and only shares fully anonymized data, ensuring no personal information is exposed.

"The healthcare industry has increasingly embraced AI methods, but an obstacle in developing high-performance, unbiased algorithms has been the timely acquisition of high-quality and diverse data," explained Dr. Martin Willemink, CEO and co-founder of Segmed. "With Insight, our customers can dramatically reduce time to data, which in turn accelerates research and development in the medical field."

"Segmed is well positioned to lower the barriers to innovation in medical AI by bridging the gap between data providers and data consumers," said Sebastian Anastassiou, Chief Investment Officer at Nina Capital. "This will make it easier to address difficult health problems and ultimately improve the quality of patient care for years to come."

"We are excited to support Segmed in their latest augmentation; we believe the company is on a growth trajectory to become one of the leading AI data platforms in the healthcare industry. They have real-time access to machine-readable data. machine with a focus on medical imaging, which is an invaluable type of data for healthcare. With this round, iGan looks forward to working with Martin and the team to drive outbound partnerships and expand key features of the platform," said Sam Ifergan, Managing Partner of iGan Partners.

About Segmed

By partnering with global healthcare providers; standardize and de-identify data through a sequence of proprietary algorithms; and by allowing users to create custom data sets, Segmed has become a one-stop-shop for rapid aggregation of medical data. For more information, visit or get started at

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