RELEASE: Service stations, car parks, kiosks, warehouses or agricultural machinery in these directories

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Service stations, car parks, kiosks, warehouses or agricultural machinery in these directories

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 4

To locate the closest service stations to a location, the car parks or the kiosks with the information of the day, information can be found through the Ludico Business directories. If you need to contact agricultural machinery companies or visit the most prestigious wine cellars in Spain, you can get it through the directories indicated below.

The five directories have listings of telephone information and descriptions of the different centers and entities throughout the country, divided by provinces and cities. Likewise, you can find information on the latest developments in automotive services, the press, agriculture, viticulture and oenology. If you have any questions about any of them or related topics, you can visit the FAQ section where all questions are resolved. Contact Service Stations? In this directory you can find the telephone numbers of the nearest service stations to a location. In this way you can contact the staff of the gas stations and the help they can offer. If an address is needed, the directory can pinpoint the nearest gas station to a location. You can find a list with all the service stations in Spain where the necessary information about the services that are available at that moment appears. If you want to know the latest news about gas stations, service stations, gasoline prices or services for electric cars you can check the news section. In addition, doubts can be resolved in the questions and answers section on how to add gasoline or how to make claims to a gas station. Contact Parking? If you want to contact the closest car park to a location, you can do so in this directory. You can find a list with the car parks that exist throughout Spain, from those found in large cities to those in rural areas. If you want to contact the car park staff, you can do so through the telephone numbers in the directory. In the news section you can find out about the latest news on prices, new car parks, security, car services and recharging points for electric vehicles. If you want to consult the frequently asked questions, you can learn more about the car parks and the new infrastructures that are being designed. Call a Kiosk? If you want to locate a kiosk, in the directory there is a list of all the kiosks in Spain so that you can easily find information. Likewise, telephone information is provided so that you can be contacted as soon as possible. You can find out through this directory the latest news and advances in the kiosks, news and magazines sector. In turn, to consult doubts about the press in Spain, you can consult the frequently asked questions section where it tries to answer these questions. If you need the telephone number of an agricultural company? If you need to contact an agricultural machinery company, you can find it in this directory. There is a list of companies divided by localities, provinces and rural areas. You can find out if there are agricultural machinery companies, as well as telephone information to contact agricultural personnel. In the directory there are maps with the locations of the companies. On the other hand, they inform that all the news about agriculture and engineering can be found on the news page. To resolve questions, you can visit the frequently asked questions section where there is information on issues of agriculture, machinery and crops. If you want the phone number of a Winery? If you want to call a winery, in the directory there is a list of companies dedicated to viticulture. There is a list with the prestigious wineries in Spain separated by town and province. From the directory you can find out the wineries close to a location and how to contact them using the telephone information provided. In the news section there are all the news on viticulture, oenology, wine tasting and wine marketing. If you want to solve doubts about the different types of wines, obtaining or tasting, in the frequently asked questions section there is an answer to many of these questions.ContactContact name: Ludico BusinessContact telephone: 645926781