RELEASE: SIBIONICS launches the innovative SIBIO KS1 CKM for ketone level control

SHENZHEN, China, Sept.

RELEASE: SIBIONICS launches the innovative SIBIO KS1 CKM for ketone level control

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SIBIONICS, a leader in biometric consumer electronics, is pleased to announce the launch of the SIBIO KS1 Continuous Ketone Monitoring (CKM) system, the newest biometric wearable device in the industry. company designed to measure ketone levels. CE certified for portable biosensors for healthcare monitoring, the KS1 is the world's first all-in-one sensor and transmitter to provide real-time monitoring for ketonic diet practitioners. Now, people who follow a ketogenic diet or perform physical activities will be able to monitor ketone values ​​non-stop for 14 days.

The KS1 is a consumer wearable device designed with a 14-day sensor that provides 24/7 control. Users will then be able to read and understand their bodies' ketone values ​​to better manage their health and adjust their lifestyles and food choices accordingly. Information provided by the KS1 arrives every five minutes via Bluetooth connectivity and can be read by the user on a mobile app.

"The purpose of developing the SIBIO KS1 CKM was to expand the previous biometric detection technology that SIBIONICS already mastered to provide higher quality and more accurate monitoring capabilities. Since blood ketone levels are one of the key indicators that have people with certain lifestyles and dietary requirements, are paying more attention these days, the KS1 was the next logical step for I D at SIBIONICS.With this advancement, blood ketone levels can now be monitored in a more visual way to so people can avoid excessive ketosis that can lead to acidosis," said Alfred Hu, senior vice president of SIBIONICS.

Designed for ease of use by everyday users who may not have prior experience in reading biomarkers and evaluating their data, the SIBIO KS1 CKM does not require a finger prick and instead uses a painless and hypodermic sensor. minimally invasive. Knowledge about health and nutrition is now democratized so that people can quickly and efficiently determine their ketone levels. IPX8 waterproofing also means the KS1 can be worn while swimming, showering or exercising without suffering any damage or malfunction.

SIBIONICS has announced the free trial availability of the SIBIO KS1 CKM. Those interested in experiencing the benefits of the KS1 can visit the website: to sign up for the trial. In addition, another core technology of the company, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system, which is about to obtain CE certification, will soon be launched. Stay tuned for more SIBIONICS updates.

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