RELEASE: Smart-Buildings arrive in Spain thanks to YoHome

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Smart-Buildings arrive in Spain thanks to YoHome

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 1, 2023.

The world today is not the same as it was 50 years ago, why should buildings be? To answer this question, YoHome was born, a solution that digitizes buildings simply and quickly. Turning them into smart-buildings

What is a smart building? A smart building is a building that applies digital technology to improve accessibility, usability and communication, that is, it makes life easier for home users by applying new technologies while reducing costs with sustainable solutions. How does YoHome work? YoHome is an App that integrates the most advanced residential digital solutions in a single platform, offering home automation, an advanced communication channel, a real estate marketplace and a documentation service in one place. In short, it is an application from which you can You can easily open the garage door, reserve a community room, report an incident or consult a user manual for an appliance, for example. And all in a simple way, personalized for each building and without the need for a large outlay of money. This Spanish initiative takes root in the market because it offers comprehensive solutions, working with the best suppliers and earning the trust of its customers. YoHome leads residential digitization in Spain where it already has a presence in 5 autonomous communities, it is providing added value to projects some of the most important developers in the country. Solutions within YoHome Some of the solutions Ones that YoHome has are the following:1. Smart Locks: Possibility of leaving the house without keys, simply with the telephone.2. Direct access to: home automation, reservations, digital mailboxes, concierge services, after-sales or client portals.3. Digital communication wall: With notifications about events, mailbox for incidents or surveys.4. Access to Services: the marketplace provides access to community services such as residential equipment, food delivery, maintenance or home insurance.5. Queries: From the app you can access relevant information such as minutes, manuals, plans or information on the consumption of the home. All these solutions are being applied in the market for new construction, second-hand and rental housing throughout Spain. The Future of Smart-Buildings "Although this is a revolution that is beginning in Spain, we have no doubt that it is here to stay, especially with projects as interesting as the Galician YoHome. Finally, one question: How much How long will it take for the building you live in to become a Smart-Building?"

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