RELEASE: Spanish medical pioneer in skin care, mesoestetic, kicks off the 2023 Road Show in China

-Spanish medical pioneer in skin care, mesoestetic, kicks off the 2023 Road Show in China with art and passion.

RELEASE: Spanish medical pioneer in skin care, mesoestetic, kicks off the 2023 Road Show in China

-Spanish medical pioneer in skin care, mesoestetic, kicks off the 2023 Road Show in China with art and passion

CHANGSHA, China, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 30, Spanish medical skin care brand mesoestetic held an art salon to kick off its 2023 mesoestetic Road Show in China at the Xie Zilong Photography Museum in Changsha, which is one of the most famous Internet cities in China. The event was supported by China's leading partner for global beauty brands, S'Young International, and was themed "The Element for Skincare Experts." Carles Font Martin, mesoestetic Joint CEO, Tingting Fu, mesoestetic Area Manager for Greater China, and Arantza Azparren Ardanaz, Global Training Director, attended the event and delved into the mesoestetic brand philosophy.

This was also the first stop of the 2023 mesoestetic Road Show in China. The event successfully spread the passion and artistic spirit of the mesoestetic Road Show by inviting celebrities such as famous actress Zhang Yanyan, key Chinese collaborators and guests for close interaction and in-depth experience of the brand's high-end salon and the best Changsha art exhibitions.

The chosen venue, the Xie Zilong Photography Museum, was founded by Xie Zilong, who is also known for establishing LBX Pharmacy, a prominent Chinese pharmacy chain. Interestingly, Xie had a similar background with mesoestetic founder Juan Carlos Font Más, who used his pharmacological knowledge to create custom beauty skincare formulas and opened his pharmacy in Barcelona in the early 1980s. . Both men share a passion for medicine, art, and collections of ancient paintings. By selecting the Xie Zilong Photography Museum as the venue, mesoestetic aimed to evoke the warmth and artistic flair of Barcelona in Changsha, while celebrating the harmonious combination of medicine and aesthetics.

Creative non-alcoholic cocktails were presented at the event, including the brand's leading health supplement products: ultimate W whitening elixir and age element firming elixir. This art hall presents the main images of mesoestetic products through various art installations and was surrounded by a cappella music, providing a harmonious musical and artistic experience. In addition, mesoestetic awarded prizes and recognized valued partners. Joint CEO Carles Font Martin invited all participants to visit Spain and trace the origin of mesoestetic. Mesoestetic management and attendees also delved into engaging conversations about the brand's impressive 38-year history.

mesoestetic now operates in 109 countries and regions around the world, providing professional beauty solutions for skincare experts. Since its cooperation with S'Young International in 2021, the brand has experienced remarkable average annual sales growth of more than 200%. The joint CEO of mesoestetic, Carles Font Martin, attributed this success to the efforts of the brand's partner in China: "This achievement would not be possible without our China partner S'Young International and the efforts of everyone here. We will continue to achieve a high growth this year, and I think the Chinese market will be our next new era."

mesoestetic currently offers four main lines of products: health supplements, products for home use, professional treatments and aesthetic drugs. The coveted ultimate W whitening elixir and age element firming elixir are the two best sellers in the mesoestetic line of health supplements. While in the home use line, Ha Densimatrix stands out, a popular moisturizing solution that reduces and corrects imperfections caused by aging. For professionals in the beauty industry, mesoestetic also offers a range of solutions, such as age element®, a topical anti-aging treatment based on epigenetics that combines professional treatment and home treatment tailored to the needs of each client.

During the event, Tingting Fu, mesoestetic area manager for Greater China, also shared plans to further promote brand awareness and reputation in the region. The brand will focus on various endeavors, including collaborating with celebrities, obtaining efficacy test results from professional institutions, deepening market penetration by working with more than 4,500 influencers, introducing new products into the region and the implementation of offline skin care services. By implementing these strategies, mesoestetic intends to further strengthen its presence in Greater China.

About mesoestetic mesoestetic is dedicated to providing exquisite items for skin care experts with an emphasis on offering scientific, rigorous and effective solutions. The brand's personalized, professional and innovative product formulas have gained popularity in the market, positioning it as a pioneer in Spanish medical beauty.

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