RELEASE: Spring arrives at homes with Carmen Borja bedding

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Spring arrives at homes with Carmen Borja bedding

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Spain, March 1, 2023.

Natural and lighter fabrics to enjoy maximum comfort these months of the year. Garments 'made in Spain' that will be preserved as the first day without losing their touch and softness

Spring is just around the corner and to celebrate it, the Carmen Borja brand has just launched its new collection of bedding inspired by this season. Natural and light fabrics 'made in Spain' that will make it possible to turn the bedroom into a space of comfort and rest par excellence.To create that fresh and welcoming atmosphere, Carmen Borja once again opts for total white for her bedding collections, but also for prints that will quickly connect with nature by evoking the colors and energy of spring. From sheets to fine duvets and cushions, the collection offers everything you need to dress your bed and feel the energy and joy of spring in your home."Spring is a time of renewal and hope and that is precisely what we have managed to reflect with our clothing collection. We hope our customers feel that fresh and cozy atmosphere in their homes", says Yolanda Pisa, director of Carmen Borja. High-quality bedding One of Carmen Borja's strengths are the fabrics and materials, such as Egyptian cotton, used to manufacture their garments, which remain as the first day without losing their touch and softness. Unlike other types of cotton, Egyptian cotton is harvested by hand and is characterized by threads thinner and a longer fiber than usual. The thin thread allows a higher density of the fabric and the length of its fibers allows the thread to be made thinner without sacrificing its resistance, ob resulting in a fabric that is more resistant to tearing and pressure. Bed linen made with Egyptian cotton also feels cooler and softer to the touch, making it ideal for daily use and to enjoy a restful sleep At this time of year. Undoubtedly, an excellent option for those looking for a genuine fabric for life.Spring in the whole house Carmen Borja has thought of everything and wants to enjoy that spring atmosphere in every corner of the home. For this reason, she has also created a very elegant and versatile collection of tablecloths that will easily brighten up those gatherings with family and friends, as well as bring you closer to the countryside with that flattering range of colors. Get that same feeling with her new collection of bathroom textiles, very combinable and functional, which will bring that rustic and natural touch that she likes so much in spring.Another important factor of Carmen Borja is the personalized service she offers her clients. Their team of stylists, specialized in home decoration, accompanies them and advises them on the choice of any garment with the aim of helping them create unique environments at home.

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