RELEASE: Swiss Gold Trader Launches Crypto Vreneli

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Swiss Gold Trader Launches Crypto Vreneli

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- The new Vreneli coin defines a new asset class by merging its physical and digital value

NEWS AKTUELL // St. Gallen - A collaborative innovation Made in Switzerland, which will arouse the interest of investors, technology lovers and art collectors, combines tradition and modernity in a new edition of the popular Vreneli gold coins. The new Crypto Vreneli carries an NFC chip. By reading it with a mobile application, the value of the digital asset can be consulted in a chain of blocks that cannot be modified or exchanged. The new gold coin arises from the merger of two asset classes: physical and digital.

The uniqueness of each Crypto Vreneli is manifested in a pixel art graphic that shows the classic motif of the Vreneli with various modifications. A game of identities. The owners of the new Crypto Vrenelis benefit from an added value by the so-called Unlockable Content. The Crypto Vreneli takes advantage of the encryption principle of the so-called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). But it is digital because it links a physical value to a digital one, which represents a revolutionary novelty within the asset classes known up to now.

First digital currency in the world

The Crypto Vreneli is the world's first Phygital Asset Coin (PAC). In other words, the first hybrid currency and, therefore, a pioneering project for gold investors and collectors who want to go beyond conventional NFTs. It's the next evolutionary step: the merging of two asset classes!*, explains Christian Brenner, issuer of Crypto Vreneli and CEO of gold trader Philoro. The creation, design and technical implementation, as well as the adaptation to Web 3.0, are carried out by the company Vivents by ArtDeal AG.

Figital is a merged term of the adjectives physical and digital. Figital is not only one of the most important words of digital transformation, but also describes a way of seeing the lives of the target groups that today populate the Metaverse in the new and complex galaxies of consumption*, says Sarah Schlagenhauf, founder and CEO of Vivents by ArtDeal AG.

The first limited edition of the Crypto Vreneli starts with 100 copies available on March 31, 2023 in philoro online stores, with deliveries in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, as well as in physical philoro stores in Switzerland. Each coin consists of 31.1 grams of pure gold (one ounce). The starting value is 7,999 francs.

The digital Vreneli plays with identities

The Crypto Vreneli NFT is associated with an Ethereum wallet (digital money exchange) linked to the gold coin. By scanning the NFC chip with the mobile app, the holder activates his Crypto Vreneli on the blockchain. The displayed digital Vreneli is unique for each coin. His art is based on the style of the famous CryptoPunks characters. In the modifications of the classic motif of the Vreneli, a social phenomenon is shown: the answer to *who or what am I?* is outside the binary among large parts of society. Stereotypes are out of fashion. The Crypto Vrenelis reflect this freedom and fluid identities in society.

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Sarah Schlagenhauf, CEO and founder of ArtDeal AG / Vivents

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