RELEASE: TCL CSOT display technologies take home nine awards at ICDT2024

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: TCL CSOT display technologies take home nine awards at ICDT2024

(Information sent by the signatory company)

-TCL CSOT display technologies take home nine awards at ICDT2024, including best display product and best display component product

HEFEI, China, April 8, 2024/PRNewswire/ -- TCL CSOT, a renowned industry player developing advanced and innovative display technologies, is proud to announce that its latest display solutions and technologies have received nine awards from China's display industry at the International Conference on Display Technology 2024 (ICDT2024). The annual event, held in Hefei, China from March 31 to April 3, recognizes outstanding innovation in the display industry and also saw TCL CSOT showcase its leading display technologies.

TCL CSOT's nine recognitions at ICDT2024 included the Best Display Product Award, the Best Display Component Product Award, and several honors in the Application Product, Display Application Technology, and Innovative Display categories. These awards underscore the company's continued pursuit of innovative display solutions in various fields, such as televisions, monitors, 3D displays, healthcare and automotive.

"We are honored to be recognized by ICDT2024 for our commitment to innovation and excellence in the display technology industry," said Jun Zhao, CEO of TCL CSOT. "We are proud to be at the forefront of shaping the future of display technology and remain dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for an advanced, connected and healthy future."

Best Display Component Product Award: World's First 14" 2.8K Inkjet Printing Hybrid OLED Display

This marks the first application of IJP OLED technology in the laptop display segment, which means TCL CSOT's comprehensive coverage of IJP OLED in the fields of TVs, laptops and monitors. With its high resolution of 2.8K and greater than 99% DCI-P3 color gamut, it delivers exceptional image quality with vivid colors.

The combination of new pixel structure design and IJP OLED technology enables a breakthrough of 240 PPI in mass production and uses a new type of oxide compensation circuit technology for IGZO inkjet printed OLED in various shapes . Hybrid OLED technology, combined with advanced short channel TFT technology, makes the product lightweight and portable, providing a delightful visual experience.

Best Display Product Award: 2K LTPO Ultra-Narrow Bezel Quad-Curved OLED Display

With an edge thickness of just 0.9mm, combined with TCL CSOT's unique quad-curve design, this display pushes the boundaries of viewing experience and delivers captivating display aesthetics. With 2K high definition resolution, colors are more delicate and natural. The 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate ensures smooth transitions between refresh rates, delivering exceptional performance in various usage scenarios. Enhanced with C8 luminescent materials, it reaches a maximum brightness of 3000 nits, ensuring clear visibility even in strong sunlight and consuming less power.

In addition to its award-winning display solutions, TCL CSOT showcased more than 20 innovative and disruptive display technologies at ICDT2024, including the world's highest resolution 27" Oxide 8K display. With its ultra-high 8K resolution and DCI color gamut Over 99%, this display delivers finely detailed and natural colors, delivering a truly immersive viewing experience. With a contrast ratio of ≥2000 and support for HDR with precise local dimming in over a thousand zones, it meets the demands of high-quality images. Effortless quality. Thanks to its high refresh rate of 120Hz, this product eliminates screen tearing and motion blur, providing an unparalleled gaming experience.

Other notable exhibits include the 6.36" LTPO frequency division OLED display, which supports two-way and three-way frequency division for adjustments without limitations in crossover frequency, as well as the first electromagnetic touch tablet integrated into a cell of the world, which uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a paper-like writing experience with a stylus battery life of over 150 hours. The awards and recognitions received at ICDT2024 reaffirm TCL CSOT's position as one of the pioneers and leaders in the global display industry.


TCL CSOT (TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology), founded in 2009, is a company committed to developing new technologies and innovations in the display industry. TCL CSOT focuses on promoting the development of next-generation display technologies, such as Mini LED, Micro LED, OLED and inkjet printing OLED, to embrace the future technology trend. The company's business includes large area displays, small and medium-sized displays, touch modules, interactive whiteboards, video walls, automotive displays and gaming monitors. In the future, TCL CSOT will continue to dedicate itself to technological innovation and provide high-end products to customers and build a vibrant ecosystem in the display industry.

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