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Bnka, taking advantage of blockchain technology, provides a secure, transparent and decentralized environment for every Latin migrant living in Europe to efficiently manage their personal finances. Just four months after its launch, the platform has been chosen by more than 15,000 users. Thanks to its simple registration process and quick access to an IBAN in euros, it has become a highly attractive option for migrants and expatriates. EKMB informs

Madrid, May 7, 2024.- The Bnka platform has become a true engine of inclusion and innovation for migrants and expatriates. This public has to face many obstacles to access financial services immediately upon arriving in a new country. The Fintech proposal is to allow them, even before boarding the plane, to request a European IBAN that can be linked to a CVU in Argentina, offering the advantage of converting Argentine pesos to euros instantly and vice versa. They can also request an international VISA card in physical and virtual format, to make payments anywhere in the world or withdraw cash. The true cutting edge of this Platform, apart from establishing a bridge between Europe and Latin America, is the ability to carry out transactions in a transparent and secure manner thanks to the use of blockchain technology. The adoption of this technology by Bnka represents a significant step for improve security, transparency and efficiency of all operations. Likewise, it offers notable benefits, among which the following stand out: •  Improved security: it provides a decentralized and secure record of all financial operations carried out, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the data, in addition to protecting user information from possible cyber attacks or frauds.•  Transparency and traceability: Blockchain transparency allows Bnka users to easily verify all transactions, increasing trust and offering a clear view of how their finances are managed.•  Efficiency in payments: streamlines payment processes. payment on the platform by eliminating intermediaries and reducing processing times, allowing the Latin migrant population to carry out operations more quickly and economically.•  Cost savings: by eliminating intermediaries and simplifying financial processes, the associated operating costs are reduced and , consequently, savings are produced for users. Bnka stands out in the financial sector for its inclusive and disruptive approach, providing accessible financial solutions to Latin migrants residing in Europe and overcoming the limitations of traditional financial services. Likewise, by integrating blockchain technology, Bnka improves the security and transparency of transactions, increasing user trust and optimizing their experience, while reducing operating costs. Bnka: global fintech founded in 2023 that offers easily accessible financial solutions to Latin migrants living in Europe. On its multicurrency platform, Bnka offers an IBAN in euros, an international Visa card and the possibility of making swaps with very favorable exchange rates, among other services. Currently, it is operating in Europe and Argentina. However, it is expected that during 2024 it will expand its presence to other markets such as Peru, Colombia, Brazil or the United States.

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