RELEASE: The CEDEC business consultancy offers the 9 keys to enjoy being an entrepreneur

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The CEDEC business consultancy offers the 9 keys to enjoy being an entrepreneur

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 2, 2023.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the toughest professions that exists, a path of joys, but also of disappointments and, whether with a longer or shorter journey in time, only they are aware of the economic effort required, but also of the many hours of dedication and personal sacrifice that represents

CEDEC, the leading Strategic Organization Consultancy in Europe in management, direction and organization, specializing in family businesses and SMEs, has been working with entrepreneurs for more than 55 years. Thanks to his long career, they have been able to observe how the professional life of a businessman cannot be separated from his personal life. The employer is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. What implies a significant wear and tear at all levels. Enjoying being an entrepreneur is knowing how to find the perfect balance between business life and personal life. Thus, and with the aim of offering a series of tips and guidelines to help find this balance, CEDEC has published free content in e-Book format that details the 9 keys to enjoy being an entrepreneur. Among these keys, one of The first and most important that are detailed is to be aware that being an entrepreneur is a profession. But in your life, there are other planes that should not be left aside. The personal level is inseparable from the professional, but just as important. Undoubtedly, the good performance of one will affect the other. And vice versa. Knowing how to find the balance between the professional and the personal is basic on the path to happiness and necessary to face any challenge. Being an entrepreneur also means knowing how to value one's own freedom and enjoy the independence that the position offers, whether it is to make decisions , make plans or dedicate time to oneself and to one's personal relationships. For this, work by objectives and the delegation of tasks are fundamental aspects. Change management is another point to take into consideration. This will allow for a systematic approach to transform the objectives and processes in the company to make them more efficient and face the present and future of the business with greater guarantees of success. CEDEC works for and for the entrepreneur, accompanying them so that they can meet their professional and personal objectives, so that they have the company they want to have. Therefore, although the content that CEDEC offers, completely free of charge, does not provide magical solutions , its guidelines will help businessmen to carry out a personal reflection based on their own experience, and with them, begin to trace the path that will help them enjoy being successful businessmen and businesswomen. In its work, CEDEC makes available to companies the organization systems that are more efficient with the aim of consolidating their business results and working towards the achievement of Business Excellence Thanks to its proven methodology, it effectively implements, in companies of any size, professional and updated management through the application of its own techniques and work systems. Established in Spain since 1971, CEDEC has participated in projects of more than 46,000 companies, more than 13,000 in Spain, employing a staff of more than 300 highly qualified professionals in all its offices, 150 of which are in Spain. CEDEC is a member of the AEC, the Spanish Association of Consulting Companies. With offices in Spain in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the CEDEC Strategic Organization Consultancy for family businesses and SMEs is present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy.

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