RELEASE: The economic benefits of installing solar panels today, by Engel Solar

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The economic benefits of installing solar panels today, by Engel Solar

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​January 31, 2023.

At present, there is a growing interest in betting on renewable energies. This interest is not only aimed at improving the use of resources and reducing polluting emissions that contribute to change and the climate crisis, but also at the competitive and economic advantages that new photovoltaic products and services have achieved. In this sense, from Engel Solar they comment on the current benefits of using solar panels

Engel Solar on the boom in the use of solar panels Currently, solar panels are experiencing a boom both in Spain and in other European countries. Especially since the sun tax was repealed in 2018 and as a consequence of the substantial increase in the price of energy as a result of the war in Ukraine, solar panels have become very popular alternatives. In this context, they explain from Engel Solar that users who choose solar panels today can benefit from different subsidies and tax reductions promoted by the Government in order to promote their use. In addition, they can reduce their costs in the energy bill while reducing their dependence on the conventional electricity network. A historical context for the promotion of solar panels A problem that is affecting the entire European continent has to do with the substantial increase in the price of electricity, especially in the wake of the war in Ukraine. This situation has led electricity bills to reach all-time highs. Engel Solar explains that this situation occurs in a scenario in which, simultaneously, the prices of solar panels have dropped significantly compared to a decade ago, when its use was less frequent. This context gives rise to a situation in which not only access to renewable energy is facilitated, but it also becomes a necessity. Collecting data published by the National Association of Energy Producers, the installation of solar panels in Single-family homes, today, could represent significant savings, capable of reaching an average of up to 800 euros per year. Economic incentives for the installation of solar panels in Barcelona, ​​according to Engel Solar Taking into account the above aspects, Barcelona City Council has sought different ways to promote energy efficiency and the generation of own energy, which Engel Solar comments that would reduce the current dependence on global energy oligopolies. In this sense, different aids have been established for energy rehabilitation, which consist of aid associated with rehabilitating homes in order to improve their own efficiency and avoid energy losses that are frequent in buildings. On the other hand, there already exists a 50% bonus in the IBI for three years for those who decide to install solar generation facilities, both photovoltaic and thermal; a bonus in the municipal tax that may vary according to the municipalities. In addition, they add from Engel Solar, Barcelona already offers an ICIO bonus that consists of 95% of the total cost of the building permits required for this purpose. From the United Nations they maintain that photovoltaic energy constitutes one of the fastest growing sectors in when it comes to solar energy. These are systems that have great potential as energy supply technology, while representing low levels of carbon emissions. For this reason, they maintain from Engel Solar that expectations are situated in a sustained growth in the use of solar panels to bet on autonomy and energy efficiency.

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