RELEASE: The niche perfumery reaches all-time high sales in 2022, according to Quality Level

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The niche perfumery reaches all-time high sales in 2022, according to Quality Level

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Spain, February 1, 2023.

Niche perfumery continues to grow, Spanish and European firms lead the world ranking of Niche perfumery

Niche Perfumes are perfumes designed with the best ingredients on the market. These types of perfumes are made by perfumers who put "their identity stamp" on each of their creations. That is to say, they are perfumes that are characterized, mainly, by being original and with a lot of detail. One of the most outstanding features of Niche Perfumes is that they evolve once in contact with the skin, and as the hours go by. However, most commercial perfumes have the same olfactory notes at the beginning and the end, losing projection over time. Despite the fact that Spain is one of the countries in Europe with the least progression in Niche Perfumery, the boom in its demand has increased considerably in the last four years. This data is of great relevance, if it is also taken into account that the Nicho Perfumes houses manufacture limited quantities of this product, due to the fact that their clientele is very select and their points of sale are very exclusive. One of the Niche Perfumeries that currently leads the sector in Spain is Perfumería Laura, located in the city of Alicante. Her professional career dates back almost 50 years, in which she has specialized in niche cosmetics and perfumery. María Dolores, manager of Laura Perfumery, assures that in recent years the term "niche perfumes" has become fashionable: "before, customers were looking for author perfumes, to find the exclusivity of this product, or they simply went to perfumeries in search of that different perfume from the rest". "This type of clientele is much more demanding than commercial perfumery," she says. Most of the sales come from his recommendation, since it is difficult to decide between the hundreds of aromas available to customers with the most varied olfactory tastes. In this sense, María Dolores also declares that targeting this kind of public is a task that requires more dedication, since these niche brands do not invest too much in advertising and, therefore, do not have the fame of the commercial perfumery that they can be seen continuously on television: "in niche perfumeries there are not usually big best sellers, because the sale is more distributed according to the tastes of each client". From the marketing consultancy Level of Quality, responsible for the strategy of Laura Perfumery, they ensure that the sector starts from a relegated position in terms of volume of demand, compared to commercial perfumes. However, the trend continues to rise, since Nicho Perfumery customers are much more loyal. One of the reasons for this loyalty is that the service linked to this sector goes far beyond the sale of the product. An added value highly appreciated by the public, who takes into account the recommendations and personalized advice when choosing one perfume or another.

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