RELEASE: The Ortiz Blanco y Asociados law firm receives the San Ivo Award for Social Justice

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The Ortiz Blanco y Asociados law firm receives the San Ivo Award for Social Justice

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The well-known law firm from Extremadura receives the precious award granted by the European Association of Industry, Technology and Innovation

Madrid, February 28, 2023.- On February 10, the European Association of Industry, Technology and Innovation awarded the prestigious San Ivo Award for Social Justice, which is awarded to professionals from the Judiciary with a law degree.

Ortiz Blanco y Asociados, is a well-known law firm located in Zafra, Badajoz, they provide comprehensive advice, empathize with the client and are constantly concerned about understanding their needs. This office has as its maxim, understanding the legal profession as the possibility of helping those who need it. They start from the basis that most people come to them looking for a solution, help and even in some circumstances a refuge.

They can help, reassure and guide, that privilege cannot be wasted. "It does not escape us that many lawyers do not understand the profession that way. There they are. They can assure that, in many circumstances, a tear of joy, a hug or a look of gratitude, when they have been able to help, is worth more than the collection of any minute". They are proud to say that 2 lawyers started with this philosophy, today, there are 10 professionals at the service of the people between partners and collaborators.

"Something that today in the world is very forgotten, on a day-to-day basis, think a little about others and help them as much as possible." At Ortiz Blanco y abogados, the client and his needs are the main thing.

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With this award we want to extol the figure of San Ivo, better known as "lawyer for the poor", who always fought for Justice to prevail over class and money, he was always a defender of just causes.

The European Association of Industry, Technology and Innovation, known as AEITI, was founded in 2019, in order to help and support Spanish companies in their competitiveness in Europe and the world. Despite the pandemic, they have managed to move forward, the On December 26, 2021, they signed a mutual collaboration agreement with the China Association, EU China, science, technology committee, in which the European Union and the Chinese government participate, based on the collaboration agreement signed in 2017 between the Chinese government and the EU.

They have also signed a cultural and business collaboration agreement with the Miami Foundation, INSJ, an international network of social journalism, which is a reference Foundation in Florida.

AEITI, has Mr. Jordi Bentanachs as president and Mrs. Rosa María Puentedura as vice-president, renowned Spanish businessmen, being honorary members, the well-known journalist and politician Mr. Bernardo Rabassa and the renowned ophthalmologist from Malaga Mr. Manuel García Marcos.



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