RELEASE: The Port of Seville consolidates as a national benchmark in the fertilizer sector

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RELEASE: The Port of Seville consolidates as a national benchmark in the fertilizer sector

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Seville, November 21, 2022.

The Seville facility mobilizes 650,000 tons per year, according to data presented at a conference organized by ProSevillaPort and the Seville Port Authority (APS), with the collaboration of Sevitrade, Carbón Puerto and Geodis

The Port of Seville has established itself as one of the most relevant enclaves for the traffic of fertilizers in Spain, moving an average of 650,000 tons per year, which represents 10% of the total, according to figures advanced at the meeting "Fertilizer; logistics and competitiveness factor for agriculture", an event framed within the "V Jornada de Logística Portuaria de Sevilla". Organized by the Seville Port Authority (APS) and the ProSevillaPort business association, together with Sevitrade, Carbón Puerto and Geodis, This congress brought together in the Seville Aquarium auditorium almost 200 attendees from the main manufacturing companies, marketing agents, cereal producers, brokers, operators and actors in the logistics chain, experts and professionals in the sector, together with institutional representatives such as the Minister of Agriculture , Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Carmen Crespo, the director of Planning of State Ports, Manuel Arana, the president of the APS, Rafael Carmona, and its general director, Ángel Pulido, as well as the president and manager of ProSevillaPort, Augusto Jannone and Simón Onrubia, respectively. To address the different issues, the meeting was attended by, among others, the general secretary of the Association National Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers, Paloma Pérez, who shared the situation of the sector and delved into the new European legislation. For his part, the managing partner of Northstar Brokerage, Pedro Villa, advanced the evolution of the agricultural raw materials market and the relationship with the prices of natural and artificial fertilizers. The programming also included two round tables. The first -moderated by the president of the Spanish Fertilizer Trade Association, Juan Pardo- was dedicated to the fertilizer industry and the main manufacturing companies with an international presence participated in it to discuss the current situation and lines of work in the sector. the second, logistics professionals, marketers and cereal producers took the floor to discuss the main challenges in the logistics chain and how to add value to the entire transport process, among other issues. During the inauguration, the president of the APS highlighted the port Seville as the "great southern logistics node dedicated to fertilizer logistics" and stressed that "we are in a strategic location, in the middle of the southern cargo generating center, and we have a waterway that connects markets". Uniqueness of Seville The manager of ProSevillaPort, Simón Onrubia, emphasized that this port is the main industrial center of the province, but defended that it is necessary to recognize its "uniqueness, as it is the only inland maritime in all of Spain". ProSevillaPort claims that -as in other inland ports in northern Europe- it is the State that assumes certain costs, such as the credit for the construction of the lock or the maintenance of the dock or the Puente de las Delicias. "All of this means ten million euros per year for the APS, an amount that cannot be used for investment or to subsidize certain rates, which would make our port more competitive."

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