RELEASE: Three architects from Bailén receive an award for the most efficient house in the world

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Three architects from Bailén receive an award for the most efficient house in the world

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, November 21, 2022.

From the Sierra Morena region to the Unplugged House. These three technical women are part of the talented team behind a revolutionary house: the Unplugged House of Grupo Index

The Unplugged House is a pioneer home in the real estate market for being the most efficient in the world that has just received the 'Isaac Peral 2022' National Research Award. • Save more than €200,000 in a mortgage with the end of all electricity bills and energy, more than €600 per month • First real estate development in Spain and probably in all of Europe '100% unplugged' from the electricity grid • End of the electricity bill thanks to renewable energies, with its own production of solar energy and a minimum consumption by geothermal • An active house capable of also producing enough clean energy for two free electric vehicles all year round, about 40,000 km. Three women from Bailena have been in charge of collecting a national award for the Unplugged House from Grupo Index at The Westing Palace Hotel in Madrid. It is just one of the ten awards that the Madrid construction company has received in recent months thanks to the Casa Geosolar® and the Unplugged House, both inside and outside Spain. The female and Andalusian talent, specifically from Jaén and Bailén, behind a revolutionary house thanks to renewable energies and its environmental and social responsibility for bringing sustainability closer to all budgets and reducing the electricity bill. Inmaculada Palomo Lucena, in charge of collecting the award, studied at the University of Granada and is currently the technical delegate of Grupo Index and responsible for the entire technical team of the Madrid construction company for years. She recently received recognition for her professional career, specifically the Award for the Best Business Trajectory 2022 for the success and achievements of the Positive Carbon Geosolar® House. For her part, María Elena Baena González trained as an architect in Valencia, later specializing in with a master's degree and a scholarship from Grupo Santander, among other training and experiences, until she arrived at the Personalization and Changes Department of Grupo Index. Mónica Cabrera Padilla studied at the University of Seville and has completed several master's degrees and training courses in technology and interior design. In recent years, she has carried out her work as a technical advisor in the Department of Personalization and Changes of Grupo Index. The delivery of the National Research Award 'Isaac Peral 2022', has shown that the town of Bailén and the province of Jaén, they have become a cradle of technical talent. A city with a strong link with the construction by the brick industry that for years has made Bailén bricks well known and sold throughout the country. Index homes lead the sustainable market and for this it is necessary to have highly trained personnel and a great commitment. Obviously, in addition to the excellent talent of Bailén, at Index excellence is sought and constant improvement is achieved thanks to a multidisciplinary and inter-territorial team, with professionals trained in different schools and universities, with experiences in different fields that exceptionally nourish the daily challenges. from a construction company like Index. A heterogeneous team with professionals from different origins, both from Spain, Europe and America, such as Asturias, Pontevedra, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Cuenca, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Badajoz, Seville, Córdoba, Granada, Madrid , Italy, Cuba, Venezuela or Argentina among others.

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