RELEASE: TiNDLE Accelerates UK Launch With Leading Retailers (2)

- TiNDLE, Next Gen Foods' popular plant-based chicken, accelerates its UK launch with leading retailers and launches a new AI-powered marketing challenge.

RELEASE: TiNDLE Accelerates UK Launch With Leading Retailers (2)

- TiNDLE, Next Gen Foods' popular plant-based chicken, accelerates its UK launch with leading retailers and launches a new AI-powered marketing challenge

LONDON, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Next Gen Foods – the company behind TiNDLE and Mwah! – today announces the accelerated launch of TiNDLE at new retailers, Morrisons and Mighty Plants, following a successful trial of its new grocery products last winter in the UK and its launch at Germany's largest supermarket group. This is a response to growing consumer demand for plant-based chicken in the UK market, supported by a study commissioned by TiNDLE and conducted by Censuswide, according to which a resounding 68% of people in the UK believe that plant-based meals will become more accepted in the next five years, with the highest confidence among consumers in Cardiff (77%), Bristol (75%) and Leeds and London (71%).

Starting this week, UK shoppers will be able to find TiNDLE burgers and nuggets in more than 350 Morrisons stores across the country and through its online store and home delivery services. Earlier this year, TiNDLE participated in a limited-time "Veganuary" sale in Morrisons stores, generating widespread consumer demand and affinity for its new plant-based chicken products. The brand has also recently enjoyed great success in Germany, where it launched in February with 2,200 EDEKA stores and has since expanded to nearly 4,000 stores.

"When we launched TiNDLE just two years ago, our ultimate goal was to bring enjoyment to the center of people's plates, but in a way that doesn't require the use of animals and has a less burdensome footprint on our environment," Andre said. Menezes, co-founder and CEO of TiNDLE. "After hearing from UK consumers about how they enjoy cooking with TiNDLE, we can't wait to bring our new food products and make them more accessible for people to incorporate into their daily routines and recipes."

The TiNDLE Standard of TasteSince its humble beginnings in a handful of Singaporean restaurants just two years ago, TiNDLE has been installed in more than 1,500 restaurants and 6,000 grocery outlets around the world, from cozy independent dining rooms to star-studded dining establishments. Michelin, and now also in grocery stores. Just one year after TiNDLE debuted in several top restaurants including BrewDog, Seoul Bird, Clean Kitchen and more, Brits can now enjoy TiNDLE for delicious and convenient home cooking.

TiNDLE's unique approach and remarkable culinary expertise stems from developing its products with chefs, for chefs, to master the same taste, texture and experience of animal-based chicken. Working with culinary experts since day one, TiNDLE now brings that recognizable, elevated restaurant experience directly into homes, allowing them to recreate the same delicious chicken recipes and cuisine favorites at their own convenience.

TiNDLE's new offerings have been developed in collaboration with the company's world-class R&D team and expert chefs from around the world, all to bring that same distinguished restaurant experience home. All products incorporate Lipi™, the company's patented emulsion of vegetable ingredients, which reflects the aroma, ease of cooking and flavorful qualities of chicken fat. Plus, they're made with GMO-free ingredients and provide a good source of protein and fiber, with 17g of protein and 8g of fiber just in every 100g of TiNDLE.

The range of products available at Morrisons includes:

In addition to Morrisons, Brits can also order TiNDLE products across the country through the direct-to-consumer platform Mighty Plants. The online plant-based food delivery service will offer the full range of the five new TiNDLE products: TiNDLE Burgers, TiNDLE Nuggets, TiNDLE Popcorn, TiNDLE Tenders and TiNDLE Wings later this month.

As the availability of TiNDLE grows across the UK and the brand diversifies its offering, the recent survey found that almost half (43%) of Brits cook at home every day, and almost the same proportion (42%) prepare plant-based meals at least one day a week. In addition, more than a third (38%) of people in the UK want to incorporate more plant foods into their weekly menus.

Artificial Intelligence and Ice Cream: Next Gen Plans for the Next Generation of Foods Beyond plant-based meat, Next Gen Foods is continually innovating and diversifying its product range and brand approach. As TiNDLE increases its availability across the UK, the brand turned to AI chatbot ChatGPT for tips on how to promote its latest offers to consumers. The company designed a social media challenge prior to its launch at Morrisons to take ideas from ChatGPT and execute them in a matter of eight hours, called

Last month, Next Gen Foods pledged to continue to innovate in the food industry with its first acquisition, the start-up Mwah! - a London company specializing in incredibly creamy and indulgent products made with plants. Starting with a Madagascar vanilla ice cream, Mwah! has partnered with several London restaurants, including Floozie Cookies and WAVE (We Are Vegan Everything), to bring its delicious, creamy plant-based ice cream to restaurants across the UK. This month, Mwah! presents "The Mwahbecue Special", a cinnamon-spiced brioche topped with their signature Madagascar vanilla ice cream and golden syrup, created by The Gnarbecue team at the award-winning bar The Lexington. The Gnarbecue offers a menu of plant foods, in the form of veganized American fast food dishes, and now welcomes Mwah! to its offer of desserts.

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About Next Gen Foods Founded in 2020, Next Gen Foods is a food technology start-up that develops and markets delicious, innovative and sustainable plant-based food brands, including TiNDLE, plant-based chicken, and Mwah, creamy, indulgent products. Dairy inspired. Next Gen Foods is backed by a team with proven experience in plant-based food technology, global brand development, and distribution expansion. For more information, visit

About TiNDLE TiNDLE is the premier plant-based chicken, offering the aroma, flavor and texture of chicken and made with non-GMO, plant-based ingredients. TiNDLE is the first product from Next Gen Foods, a Singapore-based food technology company that develops and markets innovative and sustainable foods to make saving the planet easy, enjoyable and delicious. For more information, visit or follow @tindlefoods on Instagram and @tindle.foods on TikTok.

About Mwah! Founded in 2020, Mwah! is a food startup that creates indulgent, creamy experiences inspired by dairy products, using plant-based ingredients. The London-based start-up was founded by Damian Piedrahita and Claudia Comini, who met while working in the food and beverage industry in Italy and were frustrated by the lack of creamy and delicious plant-based options in when it comes to dairy products. Mwah! was acquired in 2023 by the food technology company Next Gen Foods, founded in Singapore. The first product of Mwah! is a creamy and delicious plant-based Madagascar vanilla ice cream that reflects the indulgent experience of classic ice cream. For more information, visit or follow on Instagram (@eat.mwah).

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