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LONDON, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ulike, a pioneer in at-home beauty care solutions, is pleased to announce the debut of its latest innovation, the Air 10 IPL hair removal device. This innovative product represents a significant advancement in the realm of personal care, offering users the opportunity to achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of their own homes.

The Air 10 leverages cutting-edge IPL (intense pulsed light) technology to target hair from the roots, leaving skin smoother and hair-free. By harnessing the power of light energy, this device offers a safe, effective and comfortable alternative to traditional hair removal methods. With Air 10, users can say goodbye to the hassle and expense of frequent salon visits, without compromising quality or results.

“Our main goal at Ulike is to provide simple, safe and convenient permanent hair removal solutions that everyone can easily access from the comfort of their homes,” said Win, CEO of Ulike. “With Ulike, users have the option to create their own personal, safe and private beauty sanctuary to discreetly get rid of unwanted hair,” added Dr. Davin Lim, Ulike board-certified dermatologist.

Ulike’s journey towards developing the Air 10 began with the vision of democratizing professional-level hair removal. Over the past decade, the company has maintained its commitment to research and development, collaborating with in-house engineers and leading dermatology research groups to bring cutting-edge innovations to life.

A beacon of IPL technology

The Air 10 stands as a model of technological brilliance in the IPL industry, with novel features that prioritize efficiency, safety and convenience. Its dual-pulse lamp offers an 18% expansion of the treatment area and a noticeable increase in overall energy production, ensuring unparalleled precision when treating fine and thick hair.

Visible result in just 1 week with dual lights technology

To further enhance the user experience, the Air 10 features SHR (Super Hair Removal) mode, which was previously exclusive to professional salons. This technology uses 4-pulse heat with a buildup of up to 26 J to remove even stubborn hair with a delicate touch. Visible results in just 1 week were tested by SGS Laboratory.

Intelligent protection with SkinSensor and improved ice cooling

Safety is paramount in Ulike’s design philosophy and the Air 10 is equipped with advanced features to ensure a comfortable, burn-free experience. Enhanced with the built-in SkinSensor, Ulike 10 could accurately detect skin tone and adjust the treatment power accordingly for optimal effectiveness. Experience the benefits of long-lasting, effective, gentle and effortless hair removal, along with a Sapphire Ice Cooling system. Thanks to Ice-Cooling technology, the temperature of the contact epidermis is 16 °C* after 30 minutes of continuous use.

The Air 10 is now available to purchase for £249, with a super early bird discount before April 24, ushering in a new era of at-home hair removal. To learn more and experience the future of personal care, visit the official Ulike website at uk.ulike.com.

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Ulike is a leading provider of home beauty care solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing the way people approach self-care. With over a decade of experience in IPL technology, Ulike combines professional-grade innovation with unsurpassed skin protection to deliver safe, effective and convenient hair removal solutions. Learn more about Ulike and the Air 10 at uk.ulike.com.

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