RELEASE: United Imaging Healthcare Introduces World's First 5.0t Whole Body Ultra-High Field MRI

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: United Imaging Healthcare Introduces World's First 5.0t Whole Body Ultra-High Field MRI

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- United Imaging Healthcare introduces the world's first 5.0t whole-body ultra-high-field MRI, uMR Jupiter 5.0t, at ECR

-- along with other revolutionary technologies

VIENNA, March 3, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- The world's first 5.0T whole-body MRI, uMR Jupiter 5.0T, was introduced for the first time internationally alongside United Imaging Healthcare's comprehensive flagship products across all modalities , including PET/CT, PET/MR, MR, CT, and DR, at the European Society of Radiology (ECR) from March 1-5 in Vienna, Austria.

uMR Jupiter 5.0T, like a whole new species, is setting itself apart from the pack. It has successfully mastered the technical challenges of ultra-high-field MRI and is now the world's first machine to achieve whole-body clinical applications. Thanks to its higher resolution and SNR of 5.0T, radiologists can now visualize anatomical structures that were previously not seen in 3.0T MRI. This feature improves diagnostic confidence and facilitates accurate preoperative planning.

Also, the innovative 5.0T magnet could be installed in a 3.0T size room, making it more accessible for healthcare professionals. Potentially, the uMR Jupiter 5.0T will break new ground in precision medicine, translational medicine, and beyond.

In addition to showcasing the uMR Jupiter 5.0T, the booth will also feature the uAIFI technology platform, which is dedicated to empowering uMR scanners and making AI accessible to all. The uAIFI technology platform is based on a series of advanced AI applications and hardware innovations, making high-quality imaging more achievable, faster and easier, while delivering modern solutions for patient care. . One example is ACS, the world's first MR-assisted acceleration technology to be cleared by the FDA. ACS ushers in a new era of MR acceleration for 2D and 3D imaging; another example is EasySense, the industry's first dual-source millimeter-wave radar solution. This innovative technology provides patients with a "belt-free" experience, while streamlining workflow for healthcare professionals.

Through the comprehensive empowerment of uAIFI, uMR has even greater potential to deliver more powerful imaging capabilities and an enhanced exam experience.

ECR visitors can explore further clinical applications of more cutting-edge technologies at the United Imaging booth and gain valuable business insights at the two symposia held in conjunction with the event: "Empowering MRI with uAIFI Technology: Achieving the Impossible Imaging" and "Improving Clinical Outcomes Through Next-Generation Imaging Solutions."

"Our constant drive for innovation and attention to clinical and patient needs give our products an edge even in one of the most competitive regions," said Dr. Jusong Xia, President of International Business at United Imaging Healthcare. "As one of the largest medical meetings in Europe, ECR convenes radiology professionals, radiographers, physicists and industry representatives. It is a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities to industry stakeholders and increase brand awareness. in this industry. As a new player in aspirational innovation in Europe, we plan to show our passion for change at the event," he added.

In 2019, Poland installed its first PET/CT (uMI®), which represents the start of United Imaging in the European market. In early 2022, United Imaging went deeper into Western Europe with its first uMI780 Digital PET/CT installed in Italy, and sequential installations of the full portfolio products in Italy, including the first 75cm ultra-wide, 3.0t uMR omega in Europe. "Europe has a very mature healthcare market with fierce competition. We have put a lot of investments into the European market. In 2019, for example, we established our subsidiary in Warsaw and now we have a well-equipped local team including marketing, training and after-sales service. for hundreds of customers across Europe," added Vice President and General Manager Europe, Lukasz Mizerka.

Radiology is a crucial part of medical care that follows people on their life journey. The ECR theme, "The Cycle of Life," which recognizes the connection of radiology to healthcare at all phases of life, emphasizes the importance of radiology in healthcare. "United Imaging, a global innovator of cutting-edge medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment, is confident that medical imaging can improve people's lives. By promoting technological innovation, United Imaging is dedicated to achieving its mission of Equal Healthcare for All ™ In 59 countries and regions around the world, including China, the United States, Europe, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East, our products are used in more than 10,400 hospitals and research facilities "said Dr. Qiang 'Al 'Zhang, Chairman and Joint CEO of United Imaging Healthcare.

United Imaging continues to push for innovation in medical technology and research by collaborating with world-renowned scientific and clinical research institutions such as Yale University, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Texas, to name a few. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has grown worldwide with subsidiaries and R&D centers in China, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, etc., serving thousands of medical and research institutes. . To date, United Imaging has launched more than 90 innovative products, with core technologies developed in-house, that are globally recognized for world-leading performance.

(Note: The uMR Jupiter 5.0T is not CE marked, not yet commercially available. Products/features mentioned may not be available in all countries.)

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