RELEASE: Volt reinforces the promise of uncompromising real-time data processing with V13.1

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RELEASE: Volt reinforces the promise of uncompromising real-time data processing with V13.1

(Information sent by the signatory company)

BEDFORD, Mass., Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Volt Active Data (Volt), the only real-time decisioning platform designed to support the demands of latency, scale, consistency and processing in the cloud/edge of modern enterprise applications, today announced important new real-time data processing capabilities with the V13 release. 1.

"This is a huge new update for us that further increases the competitive advantage for our customers," said Volt CEO David Flower. "We have always said, unequivocally, that we are the only real-time data processing platform for modern businesses, and this launch proves it."

V13.1 offers a number of new features, including:

In-service upgrades allow customers to enjoy guaranteed “five nines availability” while upgrading nodes (one at a time), without having to shut anything down. When all nodes have been updated, the new version features will be activated.

ARM compatibility means the same Volt application can run without modification on everything from a Raspberry Pi to AWS's most powerful Graviton server, while still offering dramatically lower operating costs than other systems. Additionally, on ARM, the Volt Active Data platform has exactly the same enterprise functionality as its x86 version.

V13.1 also allows you to elastically grow or shrink Kubernetes clusters. Reducing the cluster size is just a matter of setting the replica count to the appropriate value. (You can only shrink the cluster by K 1 nodes at a time.) Once initialized, Volt Operator automates the process and provides periodic status information through Kubernetes events and object properties.

"We are excited about what these new features mean for our customers," Flower said. "Guaranteed uptime, a whole new level of performance, and most importantly, peace of mind knowing your applications will always run at optimal capacity in real time."

For complete details on Volt V13.1, read the blog.

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The Volt Active Data platform enables businesses to unlock the full value of their data and applications by enabling scale without compromising speed, accuracy or consistency. Built on a simplified stack and ingest-to-action layer that can make decisions in less than 10 milliseconds, Volt's unique, uncompromising foundation gives enterprises the ability to maximize the ROI of their 5G, IoT investments. , AI/ML and others, ensure “five 9” uptime, prevent fraud and intrusions, deliver hyper-personalized customer interaction, and save on operational costs.

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