RELEASE: Wanhua Chemical attended the EUROPUR Conference

-Wanhua Chemical attended the EUROPUR Conference.

RELEASE: Wanhua Chemical attended the EUROPUR Conference

-Wanhua Chemical attended the EUROPUR Conference

BEIJING, June 19, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- The annual EUROPUR conference was held in Budapest, Hungary on June 14-15

Innovative products lead the industry update

light and comfortable

With high activity, fast curing and high hardness, WANOL® F3180 can effectively ensure efficient production. It also helps reduce vehicle weight with reduced foam density by up to 10%.

High resilience foam made from WANOL® F3170A, with excellent resilience, CST and retardation characteristics, effectively improves the comfort of the final product.

Environmentally friendly and low odor

In order to contribute to the development of industries, Wanhua Chemical continuously optimizes the production process, from the selection of high-quality raw materials to the precise control of temperature, catalyst content and antioxidant control in reaction, and is equipped with specialized post-treatment equipment to ensure that the final product has low VOC and low odor characteristics.

Green solutions promote low carbon development


The bio-based content of this series of WANOL® FB340/FB350/FB390 products is over 50%, which can reduce the carbon footprint by 30-50% compared to traditional products. It has excellent performance and meets the needs of high-end furniture, automotive and footwear and other fields, providing sustainable material solutions for human life.


Polyurethane rigid foam reclamation technology recombines waste polyurethane materials through chemical methods to provide high-quality recycled materials comparable to the original materials, and opens a new channel for industries such as refrigeration, mattresses, and car scrapping. deal with PU foam waste and enhance the value chain both economically and environmentally.

Together with other stakeholders, Wanhua Chemical will positively contribute to energy saving and carbon reduction of the entire industrial chain, and make sustained efforts to achieve healthy and sustainable development of the entire industry.

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