RELEASE: WEMADE Presents the Future of Gaming at Game Developers Conference 2023

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RELEASE: WEMADE Presents the Future of Gaming at Game Developers Conference 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Joins world leaders in console, mobile, and PC gaming, entertainment, and consumer technology: Amazon Web Services, Google, and Meta as Diamond Sponsors in GDC-themed "Future of Industry" 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, March 15, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- WEMADE, the Korea-based global gaming giant, will present its vision for the future of gaming at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023. In his speech on " The Future of Gaming: Inter-game Play and Beyond", WEMADE CEO Henry Chang will share how innovators, including game developers and studios, are building the future of gaming by utilizing blockchain technology to Create a seamless cross-game economy powered by unrestricted play within and across games across all platforms.

Delegates and visitors to WEMADE's booth at GDC 2023 (located at GDC Expo South Hall S527) will be able to personally experience this theme of "Life is Game: Blockchain Transformation". WEMADE will showcase WEMIX PLAY, a complete system that enables game developers and publishers to accelerate the blockchain transformation of their games through Tokenomics, GameFi, Marketplace and Community services. WEMIX PLAY is one of the key components of the experience-based, platform-driven and service-oriented WEMIX mega-ecosystem, which continues to expand in 2023 fueled by the successful listing of the WEMIX native coin connecting all components of the mega-ecosystem in major exchanges around the world, including Bitbns (India), Coinone (Korea) and Mercado Bitcoin (Brazil).

WEMADE experts in sessions @ GDC

WEMADE experts will share their experiences and insights on the entire process, from how to successfully launch Web3 games to how creators can leverage tokenomics to improve engagement and interactions with their fans.

During The Future of Gaming: inter-game Play and Beyond, WEMADE CEO Henry Chang will walk attendees through the ways the inter-game and gaming economy will continue to flourish in the years to come. The talk will offer a glimpse into the future of gaming and how blockchain technology is expanding inter-game economies beyond the boundaries of their games and how individual games are now connected via tokenomics to form a mega-ecosystem.

Lessons Learned After Launching 25+ Web3 Games Presented by Wonil Suh, Executive Vice President of WEMADE, will focus on lessons learned and sharing knowledge about tokenomics and information about Web3 games. Having released more than 25 Web3 games, each with their own token and tokenomics, WEMADE is happy to share their experience, including successful and failed tokenomic designs.

Robin Seo, Director of WEMADE's Business Creative Center, will explain how games can be easily transformed into blockchain games in four easy steps, through the company's WEMIX PLAY platform, during the Transformation of Games into Blockchain Games session.

Attendees will have the opportunity to discover how this transformation can revolutionize the experience for players, as the session will break down each process of the transformation and show the benefits it generates.

Fan Token, a Joint Blockchain Economy Built by Creators and Fans presented by world renowned Myrtle Abigail Sarrosa - actress, cosplayer, presenter, singer, songwriter and gamer - will discuss how to move from the traditional method of expressing loyalty through donations as a way of commitment between content creators and their fans to a new form of joint digital economy. This allows creators and fans to grow together through tokenomics, breaking the linear experience of fan-creator engagement into a dynamic economy driven by collective effort. This session will reveal how creators and fans could use their digital currency to push the boundaries of community engagement and activities.

Transformation 101: Launching Your Own Blockchain Game on WEMIX PLAY is a panel discussion featuring Wonil Suh, Robin Seo, and Wook Kim, SVP of WEMADE USA. The WEMIX team will cover each of the steps required in the blockchain game transformation. Attendees will be able to interact with the WEMIX team by asking questions to learn more about this process and understand the potential of launching their own blockchain game through WEMIX PLAY, the world's largest blockchain gaming platform.

GDC 2023 will be held at the Moscone Center located in San Francisco, United States, from March 20 to 24.

About WEMADE"Where Games Change"WEMADE is a recognized industry leader in game development with over 20 years of experience, as well as a pioneer in the mass adoption of blockchain technology in the global gaming industry. With over two decades of experience in game development and service delivery, WEMADE truly understands what it takes to create great games for the gaming community around the world.

About WEMIX "Mega-ecosystem"WEMIX is a robust EVM compliant open source protocol powered by the SPoA (Stake-based Proof of Authority) consensus algorithm that is secured by 40 decentralized authority nodes operated by highly skilled global partners, as well as the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on-chain community, collectively known as the 40 WONDERS. It is designed to be a service-oriented, platform-driven, experience-based mega-ecosystem hosting innovative projects and applications created by the community for the world.

About WEMIX PLAY"Life is Game"WEMIX PLAY is the world's largest blockchain gaming platform serving millions of gamers across the globe. WEMIX PLAY opens a new door to the future of gaming through its modular transformation that brings Tokenomics, GameFi, Marketplace and Community to good games. Onboarding WEMIX PLAY is the answer to all your questions. All you have to do as developers is focus on making good games.

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