RELEASE: WhatImean, the proofreader, launches its Spanish version

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: WhatImean, the proofreader, launches its Spanish version

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Germany, November 17, 2022.

WhatImean launches its version for the Spanish-speaking market with which everyone can obtain texts without errors and with style improvements based on Congree's experience and technology

When writing a text of any kind, the content and quality of the information offered is essential. However, do not underestimate the importance of spelling, grammatical or style errors that make reading difficult, undermine the credibility of the text or even cause the reader to lose interest. Today, you can find many spell checking programs on the internet that usually correct basic misspellings like missing accents. However, many times these programs do not find more complex errors because they do not have a highly developed linguistic intelligence. These types of errors have to do with the agreement of gender or number, with the style or readability of the sentences. An example of the latter would be the sentence: "You can attend the party with a family member and/or friend" which could lead to confusion since it is not clear if you can attend the party with a family member or a friend or with both. That's why Congree created WhatImean, a tool that not only checks the spelling and grammar but also the style of any text online whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The operation of this concealer is easy. Write or paste the text you want to review online in the box that appears on the WhatImean page or it can be added as a complement to any browser or to the Word text editor to always have it available. When reviewing the text, the program marks the words or sentences that should be corrected, indicating the type of error (spelling, grammar or style) and the suggestion to improve it. At that point, you can accept the suggestion or ignore it if it was what you intended to write. In this way, the user is the one who decides how he wants to present his text. In addition, its page offers a blog where you can find interesting articles on grammar, spelling and curiosities of the Spanish language. To achieve all this, WhatImean uses intelligent code and a series of algorithms developed by a team of linguists for more than 30 years. Hundreds of companies around the world benefit from this. Also, thousands of individuals and small companies review their texts daily with WhatImean and, due to its easy handling, it is an ideal spell checker for students. The free version is now available at: Congree Language Technologies WhatImean is a program created by Congree Language Technologies GmbH, a software manufacturer in the field of content optimization that provides the technology leader to formulate consistent texts taking into account defined style rules and uniform terminology. For software development, users are always the most important thing. For this reason, Congree adapts to the way of working of each person who writes texts in the company. Among its clients are medium-sized companies, leaders in their field and multinational companies. A part of the client list can be found on the home page of and at

ContactContact name: Thorsten StaabContact description: Marketing DirectorContact telephone: 0049 151 193 44702

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