RELEASE: With a FAR of 0, Accura Scan hits the mark for its Face Liveness iBeta Level 2 certification

MUMBAI, India, Aug.

RELEASE: With a FAR of 0, Accura Scan hits the mark for its Face Liveness iBeta Level 2 certification

MUMBAI, India, Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Accura Scan, a global provider of digital KYC and identity verification solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been granted ISO/IEC 30107-03 compliance after pass an iBeta Level 2 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) audit with 0% FAR, making it one of the few companies worldwide and the only one in India, Singapore, APAC and the Middle East to have such recognition.

As part of the test procedure to evaluate the performance of the Accura Scan biometric facial life system, which is already used by customers around the world, it was successfully tested with millions of data points in alpha and beta test modes. Its algorithms dealt with various forms of spoofing attempts, including but not limited to curved and 3D-printed masks, silicone and paper masks, and videos of real subjects.

Yasin Patel (YP), CEO and founder of Accura Scan, expressed his great pride in the achievement, adding: "Achieving ISO 30107-03 standard after passing the rigorous iBeta Level 2 test demonstrates the effectiveness of our solutions. against phishing attacks. It further announced that, in keeping with its motto of 'Biometrics for Everything', Accura Scan would offer its trusted Identity Verification Suite free of charge to all start-ups, while established entities would be offered various modules for as little as $5,000 a year.

Commenting on this feat, Director of International Sales Reza Writer added: "Ambition bigger than resources is in Accura Scan's DNA. We have achieved this feat with a very small, but highly qualified and dedicated team who have executed the organizational goal beautifully."

The ISO 30107-3 framework measures the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR) of a biometric system at the point of presentation. Passing the test with a FAR of 0% means that the company's biometric algorithms offer a high level of tamper resistance in all environments.

Based in India, Accura Scan has been fully launched and profitable since its incorporation. He has established himself firmly in the MENA region for the last 4 years, working with some of the most esteemed banks, telecoms and fintechs globally. As part of its global strategy, it is now registered in Singapore, the EU, the UK and the US. With top-tier digital KYC and identity verification products, it is confident of making a mark in these markets.

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