RELEASE: Wondershare Launches Capture the Moment Campaign

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Wondershare Launches Capture the Moment Campaign

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- Wondershare launches Capture the Moment campaign for users around the world to celebrate togetherness from online to offline

Get into the Christmas spirit with Wondershare to spread cheer and win

VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- After years of virtual gatherings, this year people can finally come together under one roof to ring in the New Year. To make these holidays extra special and memorable, Wondershare, a world leader in software, has launched Capture the Moment campaign for users around the world to celebrate the union of their loved ones online and offline by recording precious moments with them. .

"One thing we've learned from the past few years is not to take things for granted, like getting together with family and friends to celebrate Christmas," said Shaan Jahagirdar, Wondershare's Chief Design Officer. "That's why we launched the Capture the Moment campaign. We want people to focus on the sheer joy of being together and making the moment last, something that still warms their hearts when they look back on it years later."

To participate, you just have to record or photograph the reactions of your loved ones when unwrapping gifts or receiving a surprise. Then share your creation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube using the hashtags

With the holiday season coming up, Wondershare wants to celebrate creativity not only with creators, but also with people who want to preserve memories using a suite of easy-to-use creative tools, such as Filmora 12, which has recently been upgraded with more advanced features. , richer resources and AI tools. "This year, Wondershare leads the way in affordability, intuitive user experience and high-quality software offerings. So our holiday sales present an opportunity for users of any skill level to win on all fronts," added Shaan.

Tools that help users spread creativity with ease:

As a leader in software development, Wondershare is also dedicated to enhancing the comforts of everyday life with technology. Here are some popular tools that allow users to work smarter in the new year:

Wondershare has also released a large selection of package options with the intention of adding more tools to the user's toolbox, so you can have a complete user experience at an affordable price. For more information on our holiday sales and Capture the Moment campaign, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

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Founded in 2003, Wondershare is a world leader in software development and a pioneer in the field of digital creativity. Our technology is powerful, and the solutions we offer are simple and convenient. That's why we are trusted by millions of people in more than 150 countries around the world. We help our users pursue their passions so that together we can build a more creative world.

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