RELEASE: Workcenter launches a web design service

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Workcenter launches a web design service

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 23, 2022.

After renewing its corporate image, Workcenter consolidates its new strategy by offering a wide variety of products and services for companies and individuals

Workcenter incorporates new digital services for companies and individuals. This is how we could summarize the evolution of Workcenter, the company that since 1995 has been able to adapt to new consumer habits by investing in innovation and technology. The new stage of Workcenter is committed to the alliance with the business sector through new marketing services and communication, identifying the most appropriate solution to the needs of customers and offering personalized advice in each phase of the project. Thanks to its new strategy, Workcenter, has become a partner that offers different solutions for companies, with delivery times between 24 and 48 hours thanks to its 100% "Made in Spain" production. Workcenter offers consultancy, design, production and installation services for all kinds of advertising and communication materials. From the design for analog or digital printing, to the design of web pages, Social Networks and video. It also offers digitization services for points of sale through dynamic screens with remote content management. In short, it has Marketing and communication solutions for companies in any sector: Retail, Restaurants, Hotels, Marketing and Event Agencies, educational companies, professional offices, etc. offering advice and quality solutions to cover a wide variety of needs: presence at fairs and events, corporate material, promotional and gift items, decoration and signage for offices and points of sale, vinyl for vehicles and fleets, among others.According to Carlos de Lucas, CEO of the company: "the new stage of Workcenter represents an evolution towards a more modern company, incorporating digital technologies and diversifying the portfolio of products and services that the company offers both companies and individuals to make life more comfortable of people, whether in a professional or private field, also offering a personalized and quality service, when and how they need it"Web design services Digital technologies have grown exponentially and their use has become globalized, for this reason Workcenter has launched a new web design service, which offers digital solutions to companies, with affordable rates (a website in 4 se manas for 990 euros plus a custom maintenance plan from 19.90 euros per month VAT) and includes the domain, hosting, maintenance, loading speed optimization, web positioning, style, usability, adaptation to mobile devices among other options , depending on the chosen plan. In four simple steps, the client can define what best suits their needs. In short, a complete and quality solution adapted to current needs. About Workcenter Workcenter is a leading company in the printing sector that was founded in 1995 following successful models in the United States. Today it has 16 stores between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​2 production centers, 160 printing equipment, 200 employees, 18,000 DHL shipments per year and 240,000 registered customers, of which more than 3,000 are companies.

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