RELEASE: XCMG Machinery Team Appears in Sci-Fi Blockbuster "Wandering Earth II"

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: XCMG Machinery Team Appears in Sci-Fi Blockbuster "Wandering Earth II"

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- Fusion of science fiction and heavy industry innovation: XCMG's flagship machinery team appears in the sci-fi blockbuster "Wandering Earth II"

XUZHOU, China, Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A flagship fleet of custom equipment from XCMG Machinery ("XCMG", SHE:000425), a fusion of sci-fi adventure and heavy industry innovation is featured in the blockbuster sci-fi "Wandering Earth II", directed by Frant Gwo and produced in China, which opened in theaters on Chinese New Year's Day and will be released from today in countries and regions including North America, UK, Ireland , Australia, New Zealand, etc.

From the "space elevator" soaring through the land and sky to the thrilling "air combat", XCMG teams travel from behind the scenes to the stage in the lead-up to 2019's ''Wandering Earth'', which it became one of the highest-grossing non-English films in history. Taking advantage of its vast portfolio of products and solutions in lifting, earthmoving, highway, aerial work, sanitation, safety and emergency rescue, XCMG has provided a wide range of transformable and operational machinery equipment for the UEG (United Earth Government ) in the movie.

"As China's first industrial design company, we submitted various product design proposals within two days of receiving the assignment and selected the best solution with the directors. As you will see in the film, we achieved ideal results. These dazzling pieces of 'equipment of the Future' were not just for movie show, but were inspired by our real-life products that break new ground every day," said Zhang Han, industrial designer at XCMG.

XCMG provided 61 sets of 42-model equipment, more than 400 sets of spare parts and workshop props, and 61 sets of 3D models during the course of the film's production, from programming, painting, equipment, to staff. , logistics, on-site execution and much more. A total of 319 XCMG employees worked on the project.

One of the most coveted pieces of equipment in the film is the ET120 walking excavator, also known as the "steel mantis." Designed for emergency rescue in complex terrain environments and disaster locations, the ET120 can "walk" through plateau mountains, forests, ravines, swamps, and alpine locations just as if it were on solid ground, while equipped to install various tools to perform different tasks such as digging, lifting, felling, firefighting, crushing, grabbing and drilling at altitudes up to 4,500 meters and temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius.

In addition, the film features dozens of innovative technologies that XCMG has developed for applications in extreme conditions, and more than a third of the equipment in the film are unmanned and new-energy models, including the AGV.

"The 'steel mantis' in the movie is the 'transformer' in real life, and as you'll see in the movie, XCMG brings science fiction to life through the wonders of our industrial engineering, so I'm very proud of what we have created," Gwo said.

From introducing product technologies from abroad to mastering core technologies of great significance, XCMG has established the most cutting-edge R&D through global collaboration to become one of the top three construction manufacturers in the world.

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