RELEASE: Xinhua Silk Road: Harbin red sausages prosper thanks to innovation and digital transformation


RELEASE: Xinhua Silk Road: Harbin red sausages prosper thanks to innovation and digital transformation

BEIJING, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- When camping in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin, a bite of Harbin red sausage will always remind campers of how the local delicacy overwhelms their taste buds in the midst of Constantly improved flavors and innovative services.

With a history of more than a century, Harbin red sausage is a typical cured and smoked pork sausage that originated in sausage workshops affiliated with Churin chambers founded in Harbin's Xiangfang district long ago.

With smoky flavor as its soul, purplish red color and wrinkled surface, authentic Harbin red sausages are produced with techniques mainly concentrated on the smoke curing process in ovens, explained Liu Hui, brand manager of Harbin Churin leaderfoods Co., Ltd. ., Harbin red sausage producer.

As Liu presents, when curing with hardwood, the oil transferred from the hardwood to the red sausages along with smoke can brighten their color and increase their aroma. But changes in season, humidity and stove temperature require different arrangements of the wood by bakers, who can usually master the technique in more than 10 years.

After the production technique of Harbin red sausages was valued as intangible cultural heritage in Heilongjiang Province in 2007, local producers generally turned their eyes to digital transformation and significantly improved production efficiency by gradually forming a set of production procedures that combine digitalization and labor.

Currently, Harbin Churin leaderfoods Co., Ltd. is capable of manufacturing 100 tons of red sausages per day and nearly 5,000 tons per year. From production to sales, the company carried out digital management and precise control of related procedures and developed flavors more suitable to consumer demand by taking advantage of big data.

For example, the recently launched "starch-free" series of black pepper crispy bone sausages and spicy crayfish sausages have particularly good sales, Liu noted.

To better satisfy customers, Harbin Dazhong Roulian Food Co., Ltd. (Haroulian), a reputed local meat processing company, continued to innovate its products and developed fat-free red sausages with lower garlic content and refreshing taste, highlighted the company's deputy general manager, Liu Ke.

In its specialty stores, smoke curing ovens are set up and operated to produce red sausages for travelers and are very well received by customers throughout the country. The company already has more than 400 specialty stores in China, Liu Ke added.

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