RELEASE: Yili Wins 2022 World Water Drinks Award


RELEASE: Yili Wins 2022 World Water Drinks Award

EVIAN-LES-BAINS, France, Nov. 15, 2022/PRNewswire/ -- The 19th World Congress of Aquatic Beverages was held in Évian-les-Bains, France from November 8-10. Yili's Inikin mineral water won the Global Water Drinks 2022 award. Dr. Gerrit Smit, CEO of Yili's Innovation Center Europe, attended the ceremony to receive this honor.

Zenith Global's World Water Beverage Congress, held annually, is considered the highest level and most influential forum in the global water beverage industry. This year's Congress was held in the French Alps, one of the world's three most pristine water sources, along with the Changbai Mountains in China and the Caucasus Mountains in Russia. Despite fierce competition from more than 150 entries, the jury awarded the top prize to Inikin, a young brand founded in the Arxan and Changbai mountains, in recognition of its contribution to health and sustainability.

Back in 2019, Yili launched the Inikin brand to enter the mineral water industry, an important step to expand its offering of health-conscious products. Committed to being the most trusted global health food provider, Yili searched the world for high-quality water sources. After examining more than 100 water sources around the world, Yili finally selected an area with 95% forest cover, which is home to the world's highest-quality volcanic water source, a spring in the Arxan and Changbai mountains.

"Inikin" means "living spring" and suggests that the brand energizes customers with a natural product. It is a soft and natural alkaline water, suitable for daily consumption. Filtered through layers of magma, groundwater circulating deep below has a naturally sweet, refreshing taste and is extremely rich in minerals such as potassium, sodium, and metasilicic acid.

Since its launch, Inikin has been well received by the market for its high product quality and excellent natural water source. In 2020, Inikin received iTQi's Superior Taste Award. In April of that same year, he established a partnership with China National Geography to support scientific efforts.

The brand has also actively participated in activities to protect water sources. By presenting a documentary proving the origin of volcanic water, Inikin cooperated with China National Geography to raise awareness of the importance of protecting source water. Inikin has also collaborated with environmental organizations to turn plastic bottles into eco-friendly raincoats, giving them away to healthcare workers to support their work.

Beyond its core dairy sector, Yili continually evolves its product portfolio and enters new lines of business, aiming to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers. Guided by its "New Vision for Value Creation", Yili is committed to bringing nutrients and health benefits to all age groups in their daily lives.

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