RELEASE: Yunbit offers a platform of cloud solutions for corporate communication and human resources

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Yunbit offers a platform of cloud solutions for corporate communication and human resources

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 16, 2023.

Human resources solutions currently represent a differential value for attracting new employees and maintaining healthy and lasting labor relations.

The recruitment strategy of companies has changed; communication, transparency and bidirectionality have become key elements to cover certain positions and facilitate the generation of solid relationships from the first moment. To achieve this, all corporate communication tools must be aligned with the company's human resources strategy and policies. Considering communication as a fundamental element in any type of relationship, organizations must invest in solutions that facilitate it and help improve the labor Relations. The communicative elements offer information, impressions and judgments on the aspects to which they refer, and improve or hinder the fulfillment of the objectives for which they are designed, which is why both the channel used and the message transmitted are so important. The communication networks or set of channels that exist in an organized group and through which messages are transmitted, can and should be controlled by the organization, which has to offer effective alternatives in accordance with their needs. Companies have the obligation to know the requirements of the labor market in terms of the expectations of the different profiles in order to be able to publish suitable job offers and define selection processes according to the context and circumstances. Once in the team, the employee must continue to feel that security, solidity and enthusiasm for the project in which they are participating.Yunbit offers a complete platform of cloud solutions that allow: • Offering a common work environment for the entire team ;• adapt said environment to the needs of the position and profile of the employee;• generate a suite that favors coordination and interdepartmental cooperation;• improve the use of data and with it productivity;• promote a sense of belonging;• and facilitate a solid, useful and effective communication channel through the Employee Portal. Now, more than ever, businesses must choose adaptable management software that allows the confluence of work, effort and values. Yunbit offers adaptable solutions to boost effective corporate communication; Thus, the Employee Portal and Yunbit RRHH can be great allies to put any human resources strategy into practice.

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