RELEASE: Yunbit SGA, optimal innovation and automation

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Yunbit SGA, optimal innovation and automation

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 30, 2023.

Yunbit SGA, a fully integrated Yunbit Business Cloud platform module; all business management through a single web access point

Yunbit, a manufacturer of business solutions, has developed a tool for unified and centralized logistics management. The conception of the tool has been based on the business processes of companies oriented to the retail sector without neglecting important aspects of the industrial and service sectors; In this way, an integrated direction and administration is facilitated that allows greater flexibility and adaptation to any case or need. Yunbit SGA works natively together with other modules of the Yunbit Business Cloud suite, as well as integrates with other administration tools. and external business management through its API, thus improving the efficiency and productivity of the work performed from the software; as well as its return on investment. Yunbit Business Cloud enables: • Centralized management of all departments and areas of the organization.• Apply asset management as part of the company's strategy;• Generate optimal workflows in manufacturing and production processes;• Facilitate analysis and automation. Yunbit SGA has decisive applications and tools that allow streamlining the usual operating processes in retail and industry; However, with the desire for constant improvement and evolution, the company dedicates great efforts to developing new modules, and improving and strengthening existing ones. In such a changing scenario, in which markets evolve so quickly, research and innovation have become a constant in all Yunbit Business Cloud products. All Yunbit solutions are 100% integrated, which allows for greater use of information and data. With Yunbit, all areas and departments of the company can be managed through a single collaborative platform for the management and coordination of tasks and responsibilities of team members.Yunbit represents a differential value for companies that choose it as their partner. technology in the management of their business processes.

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