RELEASE: Zucchetti shows its solutions for industrial transformation at BeDigital 2023

The manufacturer of software solutions Zucchetti Spain has participated for another year in the BeDigital 2023 fair, where it has shown its technological solutions for the digitization of the industry.

RELEASE: Zucchetti shows its solutions for industrial transformation at BeDigital 2023

The manufacturer of software solutions Zucchetti Spain has participated for another year in the BeDigital 2023 fair, where it has shown its technological solutions for the digitization of the industry

Its catalog of solutions includes the most innovative for the transformation of processes in the industry: ERP-CRM, MES software, BI, warehouse management software, HR management, payroll, mobility and work spaces, access control solutions and security, cybersecurity.

The BeDigital fair, focused on the industrial application of digital technologies, has brought together professionals from various sectors to explore opportunities for improvement in industrial processes, efficient use of resources and improved competitiveness.

The leading manufacturer of software and hardware solutions in the market, Zucchetti Spain, has participated in the recent edition of the BeDigital INDUSTRY 2023 Fair, which was held at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) between June 6 and 8. This has been an important meeting point with the industrial sector to analyze the digitization needs that can help boost its efficiency.

Under the title "Transforming Industry", this event has been attended by more than 840 firms from more than 20 countries, which makes it a point of reference for companies that need to know the possibilities of improving industrial processes, applying technologies that help increase automation and facilitate adaptation to industry 4.0.

Zucchetti Spain promotes digital technologies to increase industrial efficiency at BeDigital

During this fair, Zucchetti Spain has shown businessmen and executives in the industry the benefits of having a technological partner with which to address the digital transformation process and implement solutions that help them improve production, quality and their ability to adapt. in a complex economic environment marked by the irruption of technologies that represent a real challenge: industrial robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things or Big Data are technologies that are already being applied to the industry to enhance and improve the capacity and precision of production processes.

Zucchetti Spain stands out precisely for its deep knowledge and long history in the industrial sector, and its ability to accompany companies in the process of technological surveillance and adaptation to the new environment.

In its portfolio of solutions, Solmicro ERP Industrial stands out, the management software developed specifically for this sector. A state-of-the-art solution, equipped with Artificial Intelligence and compatible with Zucchetti solutions for production planning and control software, MES software for plant data capture, HR management software, SGA-WMS software for warehouse management , access control and security solutions... and with other solutions developed by third-party companies. A powerful set of tools that allows industries to approach process automation from an integrated approach.

Zucchetti Spain shows its solutions for the transformation of the industry. Strategic tools to adapt to the future

The new challenges facing the industry to improve its competitiveness go through prior digitalization that helps build a company culture based on digital processes. In this context, Zucchetti Spain has shown its specific solutions for the industry.

Through Zucchetti Spain's software solutions, industries can address their digital transformation to optimize costs, boost their competitiveness and implement digital processes that help them be more adaptable in a context marked by data-based decision-making.

In addition to its vertical Solmicro ERP Industrial software, Zucchetti Spain provides solutions that allow companies to collect data in real time through IoT, process information and monitor industrial processes with MES software, analyze data and improve decision making. with BI tools, or manage all human resources processes through the most advanced and innovative solution on the market, equipped with AI, Zucchetti HR.

The BeDigital 2023 Fair has been a great opportunity for businessmen and managers from the different segments of the industry to learn first-hand about the solutions that companies need to adapt to the future. A future marked by the increased role of Artificial Intelligence, with software solutions that help the entire company work in the same direction, with a single record of data and better control of KPI's; and where technology will be the key to save time, improve resilience, and anticipate to face new market challenges.

About the Zucchetti Group

With 40 years of history, a turnover of 1.3 billion euros in 2022 (proforma), more than 700,000 customers, 8,000 employees, 1,650 distributors in Italy and another 350 internationally, the Zucchetti Group is one of the leading software manufacturers for Europe and the first Italian software company since 2006 (IDC Italy Top5 IT ranking), with HR management solutions, ERP-CRM, robotics, POS solutions for hospitality and retail, automation, Internet of Things, M2M and access control and video surveillance systems.

It is present in more than 30 cities in Italy and in 11 countries, with offices in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and Bulgaria, a constantly growing expansion project.

Zucchetti in Spain

The Zucchetti Group is present in Spain through Zucchetti Spain. With 40 years of experience, it is a point of reference in the national IT sector, with 280 employees and a channel of partners made up of 300 certified professionals, a turnover of 20 million euros in 2022 and more than 4,000 clients.

Its catalog of technological solutions is the widest on the market by adding to those developed in Spain, the portfolio of software and hardware solutions of the Zucchetti Group. Its business management software solutions stand out: ERP-CRM, MES, BI, HR management, payroll and mobility, POS software for the HORECA channel and retail trade, software for consultancies and office management, management solutions for work spaces, programming and production planning, cybersecurity solutions and software and hardware for access control and security.

Zucchetti Spain maintains a firm commitment to innovation, with local I D i centers, the support of 2,000 experts in this area of ​​the Zucchetti Group, and important recognitions: in 2022, "Innovation Award" (XXXIII Leaders Awards for Business Excellence), and in 2021 'Software Development Innovation Award' (European Association of Economy and Competitiveness).


Contact name: Joseba Fínez

Contact description: Marketing Director of Zucchetti Spain

Contact telephone: 94 427 13 62