STATEMENT: 2022 Symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance Concluded Successfully in Sanya

SANYA, China, Nov.

STATEMENT: 2022 Symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance Concluded Successfully in Sanya

SANYA, China, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 3-4, the Symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance 2022 was successfully held in Sanya, Hainan.

The symposium was co-sponsored by the China South China Sea and Southeast Asia Research Center, the Huayang Research Center for Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Government, the China Ocean Development Foundation and the National Institute for South China Sea Studies.

Wang Yi, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, State Councilor and Foreign Minister, delivered a video message. Liu Zhenmin, former UN Under-Secretary-General, Wang Hong, Vice Minister of China's Ministry of Natural Resources, Deng Xijun, Ambassador of China's Mission to ASEAN, and Michael Lodge, Secretary-General of the International Seabed Authority, delivered video speeches.

Wang Yi said that China is ready to work with other countries to uphold the spirit of a maritime community with a shared future proposed by President Xi, balance maritime development with security, and promote maritime cooperation and ocean governance. First of all, we need to jointly protect maritime security. We must resolve maritime conflicts peacefully. Second, we need to jointly promote maritime development. We need to promote maritime connectivity and ensure the smooth flow of shipping and industrial chains. Third, we must discuss ocean governance together. We must adhere to genuine multilateralism and continue to improve the United Nations-centered system of government.

Liu Zhenmin, introduced the 2022 United Nations Ocean Conference and its outcome documents, stressing that the oceans hold the key to sustainable development and global prosperity, as they generate 50% of the oxygen needed by humans and are vital to mitigating the effects of climate change. All countries should take more concerted action to protect and peacefully use ocean and marine resources, so as to promote sustainable ocean development and build an equitable blue ocean.

Wang Hong stressed that the global governance of the oceans is facing profound adjustments and changes. In the face of these crises, no country or region can do it alone. China is ready to further deepen cooperation with other countries in the world, enhance mutual trust, jointly tackle challenges, close the gaps in maritime development, promote the development of high-quality Belt and Road, and provide more services and products. marine publics for the region and the international community, thus contributing to the Chinese wisdom of global governance of the oceans.

Michael Lodge indicated that the number of seabed exploration projects has increased from 6 in 2001 to 31 in 2022, involving 22 different countries, 12 of which are developing countries. The growing demand for mineral resources has led countries and multinational corporations to speed up the development of mining technology and the evaluation of project implementation options. Lodge called for greater cooperation among countries to develop and implement a comprehensive set of rules and regulations governing deep sea mining and related activities, and to build a global governance regime that represents all countries, including countries landlocked and small island developing states.

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