STATEMENT: Allianz Partners is committed to a safe ski season

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Allianz Partners is committed to a safe ski season

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The entity shares some considerations to be taken into account by skiers and snowboarders for the 2023 winter season

Madrid, February 15, 2023.- With practically all the ski slopes open in the national territory, it is the moment in which many take the opportunity to visit the mountains and practice their favorite sports. In this context, Allianz Partners, a leading Travel Assistance and Insurance company, shares some of the keys to skiing or snowboarding with its clients.

On the one hand, the entity warns of the obligation of skiers and snowboarders to know their legal duties: those who access a ski resort must be aware that the sports that are practiced there imply certain risks that respond to factors such as weather conditions, the state of the snow or the technical level of the person who practices the sport. There is also an obligation on the part of the facilities to provide a regulated space that guarantees the safety of its users: good conditioning of the slopes, adequate beaconing and control of access to the slopes.

In the event of experiencing an accident in a ski resort, it is important to have individual insurance because this type of facility has civil liability insurance to cover accidents on the slopes and in the rest of its spaces, but they do not always include all coverage. and differ between seasons.

In the case of Allianz Partners, the company offers several types of ski travel insurance, so that fans can enjoy their sport, with all the protection. Coverage includes medical assistance and reimbursement of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses; medical transfer or repatriation, extension of stay, displacement of family members, early return, civil liability and coverage directly related to skiing or snowboarding on the slopes, such as the costs of aid on the slopes, payment of crutches, reimbursement of ski lessons and ski pass.

Another modality offered by the company is insurance with cancellation coverage, which includes the possibility of canceling your trip for up to 29 different reasons, including lack of snow at the resort.

Allianz Partners has created a video to accompany the winter sports campaign, highlighting, in a humorous tone, some of the coverage included in your ski travel insurance: watch video here


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