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– Angel Yeast organizes a community welfare activity in Egypt, promoting ecological development and cultural exchanges

SHANGHAI, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Angel Yeast, (SH600298), the world’s leading yeast manufacturer, recently organized a community wellness activity on sustainable and green development for students at a school near its factory in Egypt and gave them gifts. As a socially responsible company, Angel Yeast is committed to strengthening connections with local people and communities.

The event was joined by Dr. Ayman Al-Kashef, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Community Participation of Beni Sueif; Hanan Gerges, community events coordinator; Li Xiaokun, representative of Angel Yeast; Ahmed Bashir, general manager of the company’s factory, and Ahmed Azzazy, managing director and sales director of Angel Yeast (Egypt) Co., Ltd.

“For Angel Yeast, the event was an opportunity to promote green and sustainable development, support students to become more involved in the community, and educate young generations about the importance of protecting the environment,” said Li Xiaokun, director Deputy General Angel Yeast. (Egypt) Co., Ltd.

Local media Elmaushir commented that Angel Yeast (Egypt) Co., Ltd. offers humanitarian assistance in all its forms and is interested in social participation in a way that connects the company with the local community and improves social, cultural and economic conditions. sports. and the company is a successful model for investment in Egypt.

Promote community and social commitment to environmental conservation as a top priority

Angel Yeast (Egypt) Co., Ltd. has created a significant number of employment opportunities and so far employs more than 900 local employees, including 56 supervisors and 14 senior executives. Once the yeast products expansion project is completed, which will have an annual production capacity of 20,000 tonnes, the company will employ up to 1,000 more local employees.

The company has actively established a circular economy model to promote the development of the local agricultural ecosystem and continuously promotes environmental governance, emissions reduction and clean production following an environment-first strategy.

Angel Yeast is taking advantage of Egypt’s abundant molasses to improve sustainable production. By converting molasses byproducts into valuable resources, the company exemplifies the principles of a green circular economy. Wastewater generated during the yeast manufacturing process is treated to convert it into organic fertilizer, which is then sold to support the local agricultural sector. This innovative recycling initiative has received praise from the Egyptian government for its environmental benefits.

Angel Yeast has developed a strong institutional framework and implemented a variety of mechanisms that align with the ISO14001 environmental management system. The company’s proactive governance includes the “Environmental Protection Concern Management System”, which monitors, reports and addresses potential environmental issues. This system facilitates the prompt investigation and resolution of concerns, ensuring that operations remain compliant with legal standards and committed to environmental integrity.

With compliance as the red line and technological advancement as the core, since its launch, Angel Yeast (Egypt) Co., Ltd. has been operating environmental protection facilities smoothly, including waste treatment and noise control. , and all pollutant emission rates are in accordance with the requirement. The company has launched yeast fermentation tail gas control and environmental tail gas control projects to strengthen odor control.

The company also periodically invites residents and students to visit the factory and learn about the entire wastewater and exhaust gas treatment process.

“We hope to further promote sustainable development through events like this, to involve more people in taking action and building a better and green home for everyone,” Li said.

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