STATEMENT: Artprice congratulates Tarik Kiswanson, winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize (1)

Artprice by Artmarket.

STATEMENT: Artprice congratulates Tarik Kiswanson, winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize (1)

Artprice by congratulates artist Tarik Kiswanson, winner of the 2023 Marcel Duchamp Prize, sponsored by ADIAF

PARIS, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dedicated to the international promotion of the French contemporary art scene, the Marcel Duchamp Prize shortlisted four finalists earlier this year: Bertille Back (represented by Xippas gallery and The Gallery Apart ), Bouchra Khalili (represented by the gallery Mor Charpentier and ADN Galeria), Massinissa Selmani (represented by the gallery Anne-Sarah Benichou, Selma Feriani and Jane Lombard) and, finally, Tarik Kiswanson (represented by the galleries Carlier | Gebauer and Sfeir-Semler), which has won the award in this 23rd edition.

Thierry Ehrmann, founder of Artprice and CEO of Artmarket, commented: "Once again this year, the four finalists whose works are currently on display at the Center Pompidou illustrate the diversity and excellence of the French art scene. We give them our sincere congratulations and ", in particular, to Tarik Kiswanson, winner of this year's Marcel Duchamp Prize. by Artmarket is proud to support ADIAF and the Marcel Duchamp Prize as a patron."

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Tarik Kiswanson

As Matthieu Jacquet points out in an article for the Pompidou Center in Paris, Tarik Kiswanson "was born in the small town of Halmstad, Sweden, to Palestinian parents who were exiled in the seventies. He has always had one foot in his native country and the another in the Middle East, where he has gone every year since his birth. Like many second-generation immigrants, the artist was exposed to the imperatives of conformity and integration in the country adopted by his parents, but the predominantly white society in which he evolved "It constantly reminded him of his roots. He moved from Sweden to Paris 14 years ago."

Through diverse and transversal practices such as sculpture, writing, performance, drawing, sound and video, this thirty-year-old artist addresses the theses of uprooting, belonging and memory, but also those of transformation and regeneration, both in his personal career and in the history of the contemporary world.

"I am a second-generation immigrant and my work is largely inspired by notions of displacement and uprooting" Tarik Kiswanson

Obtaining the Marcel Duchamp Prize is the highlight of a year 2023 marked by three individual exhibitions around the world: one at the Tamayo Museum in Mexico, another at the Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm and another at the Salzburger Kunstverein in Salzburg. In 2022, Tarik Kiswanson's works were exhibited at the Lyon Biennale, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp (Belgium) and the Hallands Konstmuseum (Sweden). In 2021 he exhibited at the Carré d'Art-Museum of Contemporary Art of Nîmes in 2021, and in 2019 he participated in the Performa 19 Biennale in New York.

Tarik Kiswanson graduated from Central Saint Martins in London (2010) and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts in Paris (2014). The latest winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize have been Mimosa Echard (2022), Lili Reynaud Dewar (2021) and Kapwani Kiwanga (2020).

The ADIAF and the Marcel Duchamp Prize

Founded by Gilles Fuchs and chaired since 2021 by Claude Bonnin, the ADIAF (Association for the International Diffusion of French Art) brings together 300 collectors of French contemporary art. Supported by patrons including Artprice, ADIAF highlights the French scene and contributes to its international influence.

The Marcel Duchamp Prize distributes a total of 90,000 euros, of which 35,000 euros go to the winner, who also benefits from a residence in the United States, at the Villa Albertine. Organized in collaboration with the Center Pompidou, the ADIAF proposes an exhibition of the four finalists at the Center Pompidou within the framework of the Marcel Duchamp Prize. The exhibition currently dedicated to Bertille Bak, Bouchra Khalili, Massinissa Selmani and Tarik Kiswanson can be discovered on the fourth floor of the Parisian museum until January 8, 2024.

According to Xavier Rey, director of the National Museum of Modern Art: "This exhibition represents, thanks to the excellence of the four finalists, the best of the French artistic scene. With Tarik Kiswanson we pay tribute to an extremely accomplished multidisciplinary work, both in its dimension formally as well as in its relationship with history. Based on the energetic relationships between various elements, his works aim, with great sensitivity, to transmit a universal message.

For this 23rd edition of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, the jury was made up of seven personalities from the art world: Xavier Rey, Director of the National Museum of Modern Art - Center Pompidou, Claude Bonnin, Collector and President of Adiaf, Akemi Shiraha, Representative of the Marcel Duchamp Association, Dr. Jimena Blázquez Abascal, Collector and Director of the Montenmedio Contemporáneo Foundation (Spain), Josée Gensollen, Collector, Gensollen La Fabrique Collection (Marseille), Béatrice Salmon, Director of the National Center for Plastic Arts (CNAP) and Adam D. Weinberg, Director of the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York.

Previous winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize

Thomas Hirschhorn (2000-2001)

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (2002)

Matthew Mercier (2003)

Carole Benzaken (2004)

Claude Closky (2005)

Philippe Mayaux (2006)

Tatiana Trouvé (2007)

Laurent Grasso (2008)

Saâdane Afif (2009)

Cyprien Gaillard (2010)

Mircea Cantor (2011)

Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel (2012)

Latifa Echakhch (2013)

Julien Prévieux (2014)

Melik Ohanian (2015)

Destiny Attia (2016)

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige (2017)

Clément Cogitore (2018)

Eric Baudelaire (2019)

Captain Kiwanga (2020)

Lili Reynaud Dewar (2021)

Mimosa Echard (2022)

Tarik Kiswanson (2023)

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