STATEMENT: BITLAB launches its 2nd training program on Blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse

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STATEMENT: BITLAB launches its 2nd training program on Blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Spain, March 15, 2023.

BITLAB, is the first educational metaverse focused on the globalization of knowledge in disruptive technologies, the 2nd Edition of BITBLOCK MASTER begins on March 27

After the success of the first edition with more than 100 students enrolled, the BITLAB educational platform launches its second training program: BITBLOCK MASTER. It is a 100% online program dedicated to Blockchain, Web3 and Metaverso. In twelve weeks the student obtains 360º knowledge about the application of this technology. The new edition will begin on March 27, 2023. For four months, the student will have 12 modules with more than 280 theoretical-practical classes. The teaching is given by more than 30 professors with experience in projects related to Web3. At the end of the training, all the participants will carry out a Final Master's Project that will help them apply what they have learned. Students already enrolled will be able to access the introductory training module from March 20, seven days before the start of the master's degree. The student will be able to enjoy an immersive educational experience with micro-learning methodology and interactive material, with which they will learn in the form of storytelling. You will also have high quality videos, with a very dynamic production. In addition, a weekly Webinar is offered to resolve all kinds of doubts and different Masterclasses with experts.BITLAB is an educational metaverse that advocates the dissemination of knowledge in disruptive technologies such as Web3, artificial intelligence, metaverse, RV/RA, video games or quantum computing. . BITBLOCK MASTER is developed with a very innovative and dynamic learning methodology, dedicated to preparing and training all its students so that they can develop projects linked to blockchain technology or implement innovative projects from their own companies. After validating its innovative learning model, BITBLOCK MASTER has limited places. The price of the training program is 1,500 euros, but the company offers the possibility of obtaining scholarships and grants, which are granted based on the economic situation of each student. Those who wish may also finance the master's degree at no additional cost. What knowledge will the student acquire? Enrolled students will obtain theoretical and practical knowledge through micro-learning classes and practical activities on blockchain, Web3 technologies, the metaverse, tokenization, business models, fundamental analysis, programming and legality, among others. In the same way, you will learn to implement business solutions, design products and services or start your own business.About BITLAB The main objective of the BITLAB platform is the development of BITVERSE, an educational metaverse designed by the company from Navarra (Spain) NexxyoLabs. In fact, BITLAB already has a presence in OuterRing, the video game developed by NexxyoLabs. BITLAB has several buildings on OuterRing. Likewise, BITLAB is focused on the launch of BITWORK, its own job bank. The purpose is to offer job opportunities to all students who want to develop in the technological sector. At BITLAB the commitment is to unify the best talent and training in technological knowledge that generates specialized professionals in the sector and greater employability. You are still in time to be part of the 2nd Edition of BITBLOCK MASTER, enter here.

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