STATEMENT: Boutique apartments are a trend on the Costa de Azahar, according to Orange Costa

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Boutique apartments are a trend on the Costa de Azahar, according to Orange Costa

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The vacation rental company Orange Costa confirms that its boutique apartments have been a trend in recent years

Costa de Azahar, May 16, 2024.- Benicássim, one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Spain, known for its beaches and its cultural and gastronomic offer, is experiencing a significant change in its accommodation sector. Traditionally dominated by standard tourist hotels and apartments, the region is seeing a growing interest in boutique apartments, reflecting a demand for more exclusive and personalized accommodation options.The holiday accommodation trend in BenicassimIn the last decade, Benicassim has witnessed a transformation in your lodging options. While conventional hotels have grown in number and size, the market has begun to demand more intimate and luxurious alternatives. Apartments, initially introduced as a budget option for families and large groups, are progressively being supplanted by boutique apartments, characterized by their unique design, personalized services and premium locations. According to recent data, the boutique apartment segment has seen a 20% growth % in the last five years, indicative of a trend that is accelerating. These accommodations now represent 15% of the total tourist offer in the region, a significant increase from the 5% recorded just a decade ago.Boutique apartments These apartments are characterized by their unique design, personalized services and strategic locations. "The demand for more intimate and exclusive accommodation experiences is on the rise," says Orange Costa, an expert vacation rental company on the Costa de Azahar. "Boutique apartments offer an attractive alternative for those seeking cultural immersion and luxurious comfort." This trend has not only attracted tourists with greater purchasing power, but has also contributed to an increase in real estate investment in the region. Developers are increasingly interested in converting existing properties into boutique accommodation, renovating buildings with history and local charm into luxurious tourist enclaves.Boutique apartments on the Costa de AzaharThe preference for boutique apartments has also been driven by the rise of rental platforms vacation rentals, which facilitate tourists' access to this type of accommodation. Flexibility and the possibility of choosing from a wider range of unique properties are key factors in the popularity of these apartments. The Costa de Azahar thus continues to redefine its tourist image to adapt to the demands of tourists looking for boutique apartments in Benicássim. With these changes, it seeks to position itself as a destination of choice for those who value privacy, design and a more personalized experience during their vacations.

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