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CHENGDU, China, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 2024 Chengdu International Horticultural Exhibition kicked off on Friday, attracting hundreds of exhibitors from more than 30 countries.

Before the event, the Chengdu International Cooperation and Opening Center organized several seminars between local companies and delegations from foreign cities that maintain friendly ties with Chengdu. On Thursday, a group from Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia and twin city with Chengdu, met with local companies specializing in ecological and environmental protection.

“We are very grateful to the center for inviting us to the meeting,” said Zeng Xi, director of the investment and development department of Chengdu Environment and Investment Urban Management Service, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Environment Group.

“We have found some fields of common interest between our group and Ljubljana, such as renewable resources, ecological conservation and new photovoltaic energy,” Zeng said, adding that he hopes to establish an effective communication channel between both sides for future cooperation.

Dejan Crnek, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, commented: “We intend to collaborate with Chengdu in the sustainable transportation sector. We all know that the city has advanced hydrogen and battery-powered vehicle industries, and we hope to introduce these technologies in our city to increase urban operational efficiency. Upon my return, I will recommend Chengdu companies to relevant departments, and I believe there will be opportunities for cooperation.”

Representatives from Fergana, Uzbekistan, also visited the center on Thursday and met with local businesses from the fields of trade, economy, industry and cultural tourism. Among the participating companies from Chengdu was Gioneco, a developer of urban digital platforms, which has launched projects in Uzbekistan.

“We have been preparing for our projects in Uzbekistan since 2022, and have expanded to Fergana,” said Liu Yong, director of Gioneco’s marketing development department. “It is expected that we will be able to access more international resources in the near future with the support of the center. Meanwhile, we plan to bring our business friends from Uzbekistan to Chengdu, to help local companies access the international market and promote trade.” bilateral”.

Azimjon Yuldashev, head of the Fergana Region Department of the Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed his admiration for Chengdu’s business environment and said he hopes the center will establish a cooperation platform to help more Chinese companies grow. in Uzbekistan and to help Uzbek companies come to China.

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