STATEMENT: Clean, green and safe fusion energy as a complement to renewables

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Clean, green and safe fusion energy as a complement to renewables

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Gauss Fusion is a green technology company founded by several companies from Germany, France, Italy and Spain, including IDOM, with extensive experience in fusion technology. In February 2023, it completed an initial financing with 8 million euros in seed capital, towards a clean and safe energy source that complements renewable energies.

Germany, February 28, 2023.- Gauss Fusion aims to bring Europe's first gigawatt fusion (electric) power plant into operation by 2045, in collaboration with renowned European research institutes such as the Max Planck Physics of Plasma and that of Technology in Karlsruhe. Currently, fusion energy is developed within the framework of large-scale international projects financed by the State. Gauss Fusion offers a new contribution to this process, in close "public-private partnership" with national and European institutions. "The challenge of our time is to develop clean and safe energy sources for a modern 'net zero emissions' society and the entire energy supply cannot be covered by renewables alone; a complementary source is needed, supplying the base load in a clean, safe, reliable and efficient way, favoring the continuous production of green hydrogen".

Under the motto Fusion with Integrity, Gauss pursues the goal of providing green energy through magnetic fusion. Dr. Frank Laukien, Chairman of the Advisory Board, is aware of this: "It is a goal we can achieve, not only thanks to our well-researched technology, but also through public-private collaboration. We look forward to synergies emerging from our industrial organizational structure and cooperation with excellent scientists and institutes with experience in magnetic fusion and plasma physics".

This idea has also convinced Luis Rodríguez, president of IDOM and another of Gauss's founding partners: "Although control of nuclear fusion for energy production has been elusive for the last 70 years, our participation in recent projects in the search for this 'holy grail', in particular through ITER and F4E, has made us see that the goal is within the reach of a generation.Our will is to cooperate in these fascinating projects and, simultaneously, to support new initiatives such as Gauss Fusion , which are postulated to be the industrial-public relay to this great effort of the last decades, with the idea of ​​introducing fusion technology into the system of commercial energy sources".

Relevance in political discourse

In December 2022, American scientists made a historic breakthrough in fusion, producing for the first time in history more energy than was consumed by fusing isotopes of hydrogen. Gauss Fusion will work in a first phase of research on the necessary concepts in terms of industrialization, maintenance and security, to develop the commercial prototype of a gigawatt fusion power plant in a second phase. In the words of Frank Laukien: "Many policy makers have recognized the opportunities offered by fusion energy, as we saw in the recent joint statement by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Emmanuel Macron, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty."

Strategic partners in fusion technology: Alcen (France), ASG Superconductors (Italy), Bruker EAS (Germany), IDOM (Spain) and RI Research Instruments (Germany).

Gauss Fusion: European leader in the construction of fusion power plants

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