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Madrid, March 26

Allianz Partners has developed Customer Web App to request Roadside Assistance quickly, easily and intuitively, and thus improve the customer experience, especially in times of increased travel such as Easter

The DGT foresees more than 20 million road trips for the Easter holidays. There are many who choose national destinations on these dates, mainly to places like Andalusia and the Mediterranean Coast. In fact, the tourism sector hopes to surpass last year’s figures. For this reason, the automotive sector launches its special road prevention and safety device with the aim of reducing accidents. In this work, Insurance and Assistance companies play a fundamental role in guaranteeing traffic safety. Allianz Partners has developed Customer Web App, a digital crane request system that allows the customer to access the Assistance service quickly, easily and intuitively. The user accesses this website through their BBVA Allianz, Allianz or Allianz Direct insurance page – among others – without the need for login or prior download. In addition, it has the option of accessing through the Assistance telephone number. Once inside, the customer can request the tow truck in three simple steps: 1. Customer Web App is responsible for geolocating the driver automatically. 2. The driver selects the type of assistance he needs from a list. 3. Identify the vehicle through the license plate. Once the process is completed, the user can monitor the crane’s journey in real time through their mobile phone. You can also view the tow truck driver’s details if you need to get in touch. Thanks to this tool, the user avoids waiting times on the phone since this is the fastest way to request Assistance with an average waiting time of less than 5 minutes and with real-time updates on the status of Assistance. The result is that, in 2023, almost 50% of all tow truck requests were made digitally through the Customer Web App. Marta Peña, Global Digital Manager of Roadside Assistance at Allianz Partners, points out: “This digital solution web app wants to meet the needs and preferences of the most digital customers so that they can manage claims quickly and easily. In this way, we improve the digital customer experience, but we also manage to make it compatible with the human and close treatment that we see necessary for more complex assistance, such as accidents, when we have a problem on the road. These advantages become important in periods of strong activity in the sector, such as the Easter holidays, where the user can avoid contact with an operator and be the one who accesses the crane request website. In fact, this digital solution is especially useful in minor accidents such as a flat tire, a battery failure, lack of fuel or the blocking of an automatic vehicle, among others. Furthermore, digitalization will continue to rise in the sector. According to a study by Allianz Partners, 55% of users prefer digital Assistance services over traditional ones and in the case of Millennials and Generation Z, the percentage increases to 68%. For this reason, the Insurance and Assistance sector adapts to these solutions to offer the highest quality in the customer experience. The ultimate goal is to create a safer and more comfortable ecosystem for the driver.

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