STATEMENT: Dr. Soler receives the European Awards in Medicine 2023 award in the specialty of Traumatology

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Dr. Soler receives the European Awards in Medicine 2023 award in the specialty of Traumatology

(Information sent by the signatory company)

France, December 5, 2023.

Its advances in the innovation of hip surgery, through a pioneering minimally invasive technique - Direct Superior Approach - that allows hospital discharges in less than 24 hours, have made it an international benchmark.

Paris has been the city chosen for the fourth edition of the European Award in Medicine, a competition in which the work of the best experts in various medical specialties is rewarded. In the discipline corresponding to traumatology, the award was received by Dr. Francisco Soler, who heads Soler Traumatology and is a pioneer in minimally invasive hip replacement surgeries. Something that was considered unthinkable until the advances of this professional. An innovative vision In 2016, Dr. Soler opened his first Traumatology Clinic in the center of Elche (Alicante) with a specific vision and mission: to provide quality medical care focused in patients. Combining care with technology and the development of cutting-edge techniques, in a very short time it became a national reference for traumatology in general, and especially for hip and knee surgery. Dr. Soler has dedicated a good part of his career to train and advance in less invasive techniques. Its advances have been so important that it is possible to preserve the natural alignment of the hip, damaging muscles and tendons as little as possible, reducing bleeding and considerably post-surgical pain. One of the keys to success lies in 3D planning and techniques. . Using high-resolution scans, a very precise evaluation of each patient is made, facilitating individualized treatment plans and significantly improving the process. Comprehensive care for a rapid recovery The service offered by the Soler Traumatology Clinics, one of which is located in the center of Elche (Alicante) and the other in Madrid, on Calle Serrano, is based on excellence, personalized and exclusive attention for each patient. With close 24-hour care, patients experience early progress in their recovery, they can walk 6 hours after surgery and return home in less than 24 hours, a milestone in such a delicate branch. Dr. Soler, along with innovative surgical techniques, reflects years of experience that are rewarded both by seeing numerous satisfied patients and by recognition as the award given in 2023. A legacy of excellence Dr. Soler works to continue creating a legacy supported by exceptional results. His dedication to advancing traumatology and hip surgery has not only earned him awards, but also positions Traumatología Soler as a benchmark of excellence in the Hip and Knee specialty. While he continues to receive patients from all over the world, Dr. Soler remains firmly committed to providing convenient and accessible healthcare. And he reinforces the position of Soler Traumatology as a leader in hip treatment.

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