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The Spanish business school presents an update of its corporate identity with the aim of expanding its impact in the e-learning sector

Madrid, February 27, 2024.- The Spanish business school EALDE Business School has launched an update of its corporate identity, with the aim of strengthening its leadership in the e-learning sector in Spain and Latin America. The institution has evolved its logo, its color palette and its verbal identity to reflect the values ​​that have allowed the school to double its number of students and programs in the last 5 years. Without breaking with the original features with which it was born in the In 2009, the new visual and verbal identity of EALDE Business School raises the brand to the level of the international reach and prestige that the school has achieved. With more than 2,000 students enrolled per year, 60 training programs and a faculty of 70 teachers of international influence, the online school now seeks to accelerate its growth to consolidate itself as a reference for specialized postgraduate training. The update of the EALDE brand responds to ” a need that we had as a school, to gain visibility and position ourselves at the level of what we are today, a specialized training center that positions itself as a model to follow in high-impact areas such as risk management, sustainability or business management”, indicates Enrique Farrás, general director of EALDE Business School. The new logo and the new colors that the school’s digital assets sport add a more modern, close and current tone, and reflect the main values ​​of EALDE Business School , such as commitment, dynamism or orientation towards excellence. “We have achieved that the EALDE brand reaches its full development, and that both our students, as well as our teachers, employees and collaborators identify with our values ​​and our way of understanding training,” adds Farrás. The evolution of the visual identity of the brand is also accompanied by an update to the school’s Virtual Campus, which is now more accessible, usable, dynamic and adaptable to the case methodology used in EALDE Business School’s graduate programs. The objective is to offer the student all the necessary tools to achieve their best version, in line with the school’s new tagline: “Education to Build Yourself”. Anticipating the needs of the market One of the keys to the growth that EALDE has achieved Business School in recent years has been its strong commitment to product development and innovation. The dynamism and commitment to continuous improvement have allowed the institution to adapt to the needs of the labor market and respond proactively to its demand, establishing areas of knowledge and educational offers in line with the current needs of companies. In this way, EALDE Business School leads the online training sector in booming areas such as Sustainability, Compliance and Data Protection, Renewable Energy, Risk Management or Digital Transformation.

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