STATEMENT: EVE Energy presents battery products at China International Supply Chain Exhibition

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: EVE Energy presents battery products at China International Supply Chain Exhibition

(Information sent by the signatory company)

BEIJING, Dec. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EVE Energy Co., Ltd., ("EVE Energy") a leading global lithium-ion battery manufacturer, introduces its consumer, power and energy storage battery products cutting-edge at the opening of the China International Supply Chain Exhibition (CISCE) 2023 in Beijing, to demonstrate its commitment to low-carbon emissions and sustainable industry practices.

EVE Energy has been focusing its efforts on promoting green energy applications in the smart home, urban transportation and internet energy sectors. This approach has been part of EVE Energy's broader strategy to facilitate the low-carbon transformation of various industries and contribute to building a greener industrial ecosystem. At CISCE 2023, EVE Energy is taking a significant step by sharing a new approach to industry-wide carbon reduction, focusing on end-to-end consumer, energy and energy storage solutions.

Focused on the theme "EVE Energy is always by your side", the company's booth, located at Booth H21 in Hall W4 (Intelligent Automotive Chain) of the China International Expo Center (Shunyi Venue) in Beijing, immerses visitors in smart transportation and smart living scenarios. The exhibition includes a wide range of products, such as medical batteries, consumer batteries, electric batteries, energy storage batteries, battery systems and three-dimensional models of energy storage containers. In addition, EVE Energy shares information about its dual carbon practice and the design of its industrial chain.

EVE consumer batteries are known for their long life, high reliability, increased safety and low discharge rates. Recognized by several industry customers for its high quality and comprehensive solutions, EVE has supplied more than 1.7 billion smart meter batteries worldwide, leading sales and exports for six consecutive years in China. EVE's lithium-ion consumer products are trusted by top global brands, and its cylindrical batteries power prominent power tool and electric two-wheeler brands.

Also highlighted at the exhibition are its innovative Mr. Big energy storage product, previously exhibited at RE 2023 in the US, as well as its unique immersion cooling battery pack, previously exhibited at IAA 2023 in Germany. The immersion cooling battery pack is applied to sedans and PHEVs with high safety, high power and ultra-fast charging features. The battery can be charged from 10% to 80% SOC in just 9 minutes, which has been improved by 55%.

With 22 years of dedication to the field of lithium batteries, EVE Energy has mastered the core technologies in consumer batteries, power and energy storage, offering comprehensive solutions widely applied in the Internet of Things and Internet of Energy domains. . The company has established a complete industrial chain design, ranging from nickel-cobalt-lithium mining to battery materials, production, recycling and remanufacturing, positioning itself as a lithium battery platform company with global influence.

In its quest to build low-carbon industrial infrastructure, EVE Energy has adopted a “supply next door” strategy, recycling spent battery materials to reduce resource waste. The company's technological innovations have increased the recovery rate of valuable metals and expanded industrial chain cooperation in resource recycling. In November 2022, EVE Energy subsidiary EVE Power received carbon neutral certification for its 11th factory in Hubei. Leveraging its experience in building zero-carbon factories, EVE Energy aims to complete three of these facilities by 2025. Additionally, construction of EVE Energy's environmentally friendly battery factory in Hungary, scheduled for completion 2026, will incorporate solar and energy storage systems, promoting efficient use of clean energy and advocating for the production of green electricity to continuously manage carbon emissions.

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Founded in 2001 and listed in Shenzhen in 2009, EVE Energy has become a global player in the market, providing core technologies and comprehensive solutions for both consumers and electric batteries, especially in the Internet of Things and Internet of Energy. Currently, EVE Energy has established a research institute with 60 doctors and more than 5,300 interdisciplinary R&D engineers in materials, electrochemistry, structure design and electronic circuit design, and has obtained more than 6,700 patents in China. The company launched a carbon reduction roadmap with a series of low-carbon reduction efforts in energy use, manufacturing process, supply chain and resource management, and was named a "National "Green Factory."

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