STATEMENT: EXCEL FOODS collaborates with the CEDEC business consultancy with the aim of consolidating its growth

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: EXCEL FOODS collaborates with the CEDEC business consultancy with the aim of consolidating its growth

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Valencia, November 25, 2022.

EXCEL FOODS, S.L. is a company that was born with the aim of covering the growing demand for frozen fruit among those companies with difficult access to this product. Thus, with an accumulated trajectory of more than 20 years, it was born in Valencia as a global supplier for the food industry.

Currently, the company imports and distributes frozen, aseptic and dehydrated products, whether they are juices, purees, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, concentrated or clarified, for use both in the industrial sector and in Food Service and Restoration, with solutions customized to the specific needs of each client, who are advised throughout the process to offer the best solution for each business. The company has a team of highly qualified expert professionals, committed to offering high-quality products, 100% traceable and maintaining at all times the highest standards of food safety. For this, it has a wide network of strategic alliances with the main manufacturers worldwide, as well as agreements with logistics and storage partners. With the aim of consolidating its growth, EXCEL FOODS, S.L. collaborates with CEDEC, the leading Strategic Organization Consultancy in Europe in business management, direction and organization since 1965, specializing in family businesses and SMEs. The collaboration between both companies focuses its action on the implementation of tools and processes to improve its profitability, together with an analysis of the business plan of the company with the aim of creating solid foundations for its growth and reaching the highest levels of Business Excellence in the near future. CEDEC makes available to companies the organization systems that are most efficient with the aim of consolidating their business results and working towards the achievement of Business Excellence. Thanks to its proven methodology, it works with and for businessmen with the aim of effectively implementing, in companies of any size, professional and updated management through the application of its own techniques and work systems. Established in Spain since 1971, CEDEC has participated in projects of more than 46,000 companies, more than 13,000 in Spain, employing a staff of more than 300 highly qualified professionals in all its offices, 150 of which are in Spain. CEDEC is a member of the AEC, the Spanish Association of Consulting Companies. With offices in Spain in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​CEDEC, Strategic Organization Consulting for family businesses and SMEs, is present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. CEDEC's work as a specialist consultancy in strategic business organization, is reflected in numerous opinions and success stories of companies that selflessly offer their opinion of CEDEC and that can be consulted on the different websites of the countries where the company is established https ://, with comments on its YouTube channel

Contact Contact name: Pere Terés Contact description: Press Office Contact telephone number: 930330101

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