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FCC commemorates for yet another year International Women’s Day, which is celebrated every year on March 8, a date that has acquired a global dimension and has become a space for reflection on the aspects that have still been to improve and the progress achieved by and in favor of women

Madrid, March 8, 2023.- Today, at FCC’s corporate headquarters in Las Tablas, in Madrid, the company held an event, inaugurated by its president, Esther Alcocer Koplowitz, under the format of a round table and the slogan ” Hablando con mujeres STEM”, with which they wanted to make visible those women with careers related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. During her speech, the president thanked the work and effort of all those colleagues who work to reinforce and guarantee equal opportunities between women and men in the FCC Group. In addition, he highlighted that “today, more than ever, research, technology and innovation are especially important to make FCC’s business areas leaders in sustainable businesses and for this, it is a luxury to be able to count on all of you”. The round table, moderated by the journalist Helena Resano, was made up of leading scientists and professional women from the FCC Group with a STEM profile, who shared their experiences related to this area, with the intention of supporting and transferring a vision to the rest of the company about the importance of the presence of women in the world of science and research. The scientists who have participated are Ángela Nieto, scientist and doctor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, who is currently a professor at the Institute of Neurosciences from Alicante, and recognized for her research on the embryonic processes involved in the development of various diseases, including cancer; Cristina Romera, chemist and PhD in Marine Sciences, who also researches dissolved organic matter in the ocean and its interactions with microorganisms, and the quantification of organic matter released by plastics and its effects on marine microbes; María Retuerto, chemist, scientist and researcher, awarded for her work on advanced systems to optimize water electrolysis, and the ideal technology to accumulate renewable energy in the form of green hydrogen. All of them have been recognized with numerous international awards. STEM women from different business areas participated on behalf of the FCC Group. FCC Ámbito was represented by María Jesús Kaifer, a graduate in Chemistry; On behalf of Aqualia, there was Marta Casao, a graduate in Chemical Engineering; from the FCC Construcción area included Natalia Abánades, technical agricultural engineer; and by the Cementos Portland Valderrivas Group, Nieves María Lacera, a mining engineer, was present. The event closed with a video tribute to all the STEM women of the FCC Group who put their knowledge at the service of the company, serving as a model and inspiration to all people who form it. In addition, in parallel to this day, and with the aim of recognizing and making the STEM women of the FCC Group even more visible, a photographic exhibition has been held at the main company headquarters that will continue to be exhibited in other centers of work during 2023. Commitment to equality FCC has an equality and diversity policy through which it reaffirms its commitment to the fundamental principles of equality, non-discrimination in the workplace, support for diversity in the company and respect for the heterogeneity of people. This work, in which the company has been working for years, has already borne important fruits and values, thanks to which a fair, serious and deeply diverse work atmosphere is becoming established. On the other hand, it should be noted that, during this year , FCC has continued with the work of negotiating the Equality Plans. The result of all these years of work are the twelve Equality Plans that the company has, in different business areas, and which are the result of permanent social dialogue and the common interest of all to achieve, reinforce and guarantee equality of treatment and opportunities between women and men in the company. Issuer: FCC

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