STATEMENT: FCC Medio Ambiente starts the waste collection and street cleaning service in Arganda del Rey

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: FCC Medio Ambiente starts the waste collection and street cleaning service in Arganda del Rey

(Information sent by the signatory company)

FCC Medio Ambiente has begun to provide waste collection and street cleaning services recently awarded by the Arganda del Rey City Council (Madrid). The contract entails a total portfolio of 62 million euros for the next 10 years and represents an investment of almost 7 million euros in municipal services, where the company also carries out lighting and energy efficiency tasks.

This new service implements one of the first side-loading electric collectors that can be seen in Spain and the first in the Community of Madrid. In addition, the entire fleet of contract vehicles has low emission environmental guarantees, all of which shows the commitment of the Arganda del Rey City Council to the sustainability of its municipal services. In order to serve the more than 56,000 inhabitants of the city, between both services there will be a staff of 120 people and the afternoon shift will be implemented, which previously did not exist. To carry out the collection of the more than 23,000 annual tons of residual fraction and selective waste (with the exception of the glass and paper-cardboard) in a faster and more efficient way, the current rear-loading system will be replaced by a side-loading system for the rest, container and organic fractions, with collection vehicles that have the latest technology and that reduce waste. environmental and acoustic impact to a minimum. In addition, a plan will be launched to replace the current underground containers with side-load container islands.As a novelty in the street cleaning contract, which covers the entire municipality (nearly 80 square kilometers), it is worth noting the increase in mechanization of the sweeping of sidewalks and roads to improve the efficiency and depth of cleaning the streets of the municipality. As part of the commitment to innovation offered by FCC Medio Ambiente, the contract includes a powerful computer tool: the VISION platform, developed in exclusive by the company and that allows the control, monitoring and optimization of the work, from the preparation of the most appropriate itineraries, to the collection and management of incidents, as well as personnel control or vehicle maintenance tasks and makes it possible to interaction in real time with the requests of the neighbors. All this in direct connection with the municipal technical services that will have direct access to said information, contributing to the transparency and coordination of the service. One of the main objectives of this offer is to adapt the services to the new needs and social demands, oriented to sustainability in its three aspects: environmental, economic and social sustainability. In order to achieve these objectives, FCC Medio Ambiente's proposal includes the programming of educational and information campaigns that seek to position the Arganda del Rey City Council as an advanced public institution in the field of environmental education and provide future generations of citizens with culture and environmental social awareness.About FCC Medio Ambiente FCC Medio Ambiente is the FCC Group company that, for more than 120 years, has provided municipal services and integrated waste management, and serves more than 60 million of people in 5,200 municipalities. It carries out a wide variety of activities for citizens, such as comprehensive waste management, street cleaning, maintenance of green areas or energy efficiency services, among others.

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