STATEMENT: FlashLED at the MWC: "Spain is ideal to bet on the digitization of roads"

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: FlashLED at the MWC: "Spain is ideal to bet on the digitization of roads"

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 3, 2023.

Xavier Meseguer, CEO of KPS Group, has been present at the MWC together with Begoña Goicoechea Luis, Director of SME sales at Telefónica. The Spanish company FlashLED has recently presented its first connected beacon, one of the only ones approved by official bodies

Xavier Meseguer, CEO of the parent company of FlashLED: KPS Group, has participated today in a conference within the MWC Agora together with Begoña Goicoechea Luis, Director of SME Sales at Telefónica. Both have reviewed the current situation of the country in terms of innovation and future business opportunities. In this sense, the possibilities around digital transformation and the favorable context for SMEs have been highlighted thanks to European aid and the collaboration of large companies such as Telefónica. Both factors enable the growth of a Spanish business fabric that is at a key moment. Xavier Meseguer, CEO of KPS Group, has stated that "digital transformation and the transition towards a more sustainable economy are two of the main challenges facing Spain will face in the coming years. Spain is in a privileged position to lead the digital transformation in Europe, thanks to its strategic geographical position, its high level of connectivity and its large number of innovative companies in the technological field". In this sense, KPS Group is making efforts to be part of this last group, helping to promote the new business fabric and take steps forward in the digitization of roads. From the brand, it is considered that Spain has the ideal conditions to lead this commitment and, therefore, KPS Group joins it. And it does so through its company FlashLED, which presented its first V16 beacon a month and a half ago connected: FlashLED SOS V16, an IoT device that is among the only ones approved by the DGT to date and that has Telefónica Tech connectivity. The beacon, which emits a yellow light visible from at least 1 kilometer away, gives start of the digital transformation of Spanish roads, thanks to its connectivity capacity and its link with the DGT 3.0 platform. The objective is to further increase safety, as well as facilitate care for those individuals involved in an incident and notify them more effectiveness for road users. The General Vehicle Regulations have set January 1, 2026 as the date on which this type of beacon will be mandatory, replacing the usual triangles. FlashLED will offer coverage of the beacon's connectivity services from the purchase of the device until the year 2038, hand in hand with Telefónica Tech. About FlashLED: FlashLED is a Spanish brand whose products are designed and manufactured in the country, thanks to the extensive experience of the KPS Group as a company dedicated to consumer electronics and the car-tech market. A trajectory that also guarantees the use of the latest technologies with easy and safe handling. Similarly, all products are tested to ensure the highest quality. KPS Group is a distribution, logistics and communication services company. For more than 25 years they have been distributing innovative products focused on automotive technology, sports and consumer electronics, introducing unprecedented products to the market, leaders in their category. Always betting on innovation and commitment to its customers and brands. About Telefónica Tech Telefónica Tech is the leading company in digital transformation. The company has a wide range of services and integrated technological solutions for Cybersecurity, Cloud, IoT, Big Data or Blockchain. For more information, see:

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